The Mandallaz

The Mandallaz is a mountain located in the villages of Cuvat, Sillingy, Epagny, La Balme de Sillingy, Pringy and Choisy.

It stretches over 8km long and about 4 kilometers wide and is therefore the North West of the city of Annecy.
Found in the mountain caves, or that of « Lesvaux » skeletons were found dating back to 3000 BC, but the cave of the « Curé » and the « Maquis ».

The forest was home to many warriors during the WWII where they learned to handle weapons.
For several centuries, Mandallaz owned iron mines operated for years from 1700 to 1905 closing date thereof.

Pictures of Mandallaz

View of the Mandallaz since the village of Quintal