Annecy Cinemas

On holiday in Annecy, the weather is rainy and you want to see a good film. You have a choice of six cinemas. Where to go to the cinema in Annecy? Let us guide you.

The Pathé-Gaumont cinema in Annecy

This is Annecy’s large multiplex cinema located in the town centre near the Courier shopping centre. It used to be called Décavision, and offers 10 cinemas for films for all audiences, in French and English, and 3D. For the big national releases, theatres 1 and 2 have a very large screen. The underground car park is very convenient to arrive at the last minute if you book your tickets online. You can also come on foot through the pedestrian zone. Monthly subscription packages allow you to see an unlimited number of films.

The cinema lobby is decorated with sweets and large pots of popcorn are popular with families.

Address: 7 avenue de Brogny, 74000 Annecy

The 4 Nemours cinema in Annecy

This is an independent arthouse cinema with four screens. The programme is designed to allow you to discover films d’auteur, first films and works in VOST. Newly released French films are also shown. The Nemours cinema is equipped with Twavox technology, which allows people with a visual or sound handicap to follow the screening in better conditions.

To reach these cinemas, which are located in the Old Town of Annecy, you can walk through the pedestrian zone or park in the underground car park of the Manufacture.

Address: 2 place Sainte-Claire, 74000 Annecy.

The Auditorium cinema in Seynod

This cinema has a 389-seat auditorium which shows films for the general public. The cinema is also used for dance and theatre performances in the Annecy area. The cinema is also classified as an Art et Essai cinema. It is 3D compatible. Hearing-impaired people benefit from the Univox magnetic loop technology.

To get to the Auditoruim in Seynod, you have to go to the town hall. The proximity of free car parks is convenient.

Address: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Seynod, 74600 ANNECY.

The Rabelais cinema in Meythet

This cinema located in Meythet is operated by the Centre départemental de promotion du cinéma. The cinema is also used for live performances: theatre and music. The programming corresponds to the releases of films for the general public in France.

To reach this cinema, you can come by bus or on foot, as it is located in the centre of Meythet opposite the town hall.

Address: Le Rabelais, 21 route de Frangy, 74960 Meythet.

La Turbine cinema in Cran-Gevrier

This cinema is located next to the CCSTI of La Turbine in Cran-Gevrier, it shows films for the general public, but also films by authors or foreign films that are rarely shown. The cinema is also classified as Art et Essais.

The cinema is located in the centre of Cran-Gevrier, you can come by bus or park in the free underground car park on the right.

Address: 17 avenue de la république, 74960 Cran-Gevrier.

The Mikado cinema in Annecy

Formerly called MJC de Novel, the Mikado is part of the MJC of the same name. The unique cinema, classified as Art et Essais, offers films in VOST, films for young audiences on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well as during the school holidays. There are also new films and films to be rediscovered. The Cinémino festival is partly screened in this cinema.

The cinema is located in the Novel district of Seynod, which is well served by the Annecy buses.

Address: Place Annapurna, 74000 Annecy.

Mégarama in Seynod

Since mid-December, a new cinema has opened its doors in Seynod. It is the Mégarama. This 9-screen multiplex has 1,380 seats. Each year, Mégarama will show nearly 220 films. A cinema-café will allow you to have a snack. The cinema has its own car park, but you can also park in the large Géant Casino shopping centre in Seynod.

Address: Mégarama, Avenue d’Aix-les-Bains, 74600 Seynod. Enjoy the film!