Annecy: sports events not to be missed

Annecy is a land of sportsmen and women. There are many events here, as elsewhere in the department. We suggest you discover or rediscover the most emblematic ones.

Major sporting events in Annecy

Annecy is an attractive city, both for tourism and for sports. The lake offers a wide range of water sports, while the proximity of the mountains makes it possible to practice downhill skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Logically, events are organised in the Annecy area.

The Lake Annecy Marathon

Affiche de l'Edition 2022 du marathon d'Annecy

The Lake Annecy Marathon is a highly anticipated event. It ranks among the top 5 marathons in France and welcomes more than 10,000 participants every year.

The event takes place over a full weekend. The start of the various events is on the Quai de la Tournette. The course passes through Sévrier, Saint-Jorioz, Duingt and Doussard.

600 volunteers are mobilised during the Lake Annecy Marathon.More information on: the Lake Annecy Marathon

The Lake Crossing

affiche traversée lac annecy

The Lake Annecy Crossing is also a very popular event in Annecy. The first edition took place in 1931. Today, this open water competition is part of the French Swimming Federation’s Coupe de France calendar.

The Traversée du lac d’Annecy takes place in August, on the 15th of that month. There will be entertainment and swimmers will have the opportunity to eat directly on site.

Registration is not free.More information on: the Traversée du lac d’Annecy

The Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival

affiche du Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival

The Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival has become the meeting place for international biathletes. It allows them to finish their preparation for the winter season.

One man is at the origin of the event. Martin Fourcade, former biathlete of the French team and multiple medalist. The MFNF takes place on the Pâquier, from Friday to Sunday, at the beginning of September.

In parallel, an Ekosport village is open to the general public. Many brands are present.

More information on: Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival

The GreenWeez Maxi Race on Lake Annecy

Affiche de l'édition 2022 de la Maxi-race du lac d'Annecy

The GreenWeez Maxi Race of Lake Annecy is a renowned trail race that takes place every year in the heights of Annecy. The race is an opportunity to discover magnificent panoramas of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

In order to make the most of the experience, the course is designed by runners. The race is also intended to be eco-responsible. For example, refreshments will be provided in a short circuit. At the same time, activities are proposed on the beach of Albigny, starting point of the GreenWeez Maxi Race.

More information on: the GreenWeez Maxi Race of Lake Annecy

The Lake Annecy Triathlon

triathlon lac d'annecy

The Lake Annecy International Triathlon takes place in three stages: the swimming event, followed by the cycling and running events. It takes place on the last Sunday of June, every year. The race starts at Le Pâquier.

There is also a race for children, called the animathlon. Children can compete against each other in cycling and running.

Please note that a licence or medical certificate is required to take part in the race.More information on: Lake Annecy International Triathlon

These major sports events in Haute-Savoie

Haute-Savoie has many sporting events. It has to be said that sport has a special place in the department. Between skiing, trail running or even car racing and horse riding, the choice is vast. Here are some of the emblematic events in Haute-Savoie.

The Mont Blanc Rally

affiche rallye du mont blanc

The Mont Blanc Rally is a popular event for car racing fans. Many people come to encourage the drivers in the authorised zones. These are marked with a green circle on the stage map. Please note that the organiser cannot start the race if the public does not respect the safety instructions.

More than 200 drivers sign up every year to participate in the rally. They can compete in various races. The total route is usually divided into several sections and two stages.

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

affiche utmb

The Mont Blanc Ultra Trail (UTMB) is considered one of the most challenging races in the world. The UTMB brings together the elite of trail runners and counts more than 10,000 runners every year.

There are eight races on the programme, of varying length. They allow you to run around Mont Blanc in a unique alpine setting.

More than 20,000 spectators come to encourage the athletes and the event has 2,000 volunteers.

The Tour des Fiz trail

affiche trail tour des fiz

The Tour des Fiz trail is a competition that takes place every year in early July in Plaine-Joux. Many runners sign up for the event. 6 events are proposed, including one for children.

The Tour des 8 refuges is the emblematic race of this trail. It follows the hiking circuit of the Grand Tour des Fiz and passes through Platé and Anterne.

In one day, the runners cover 61.5 km and 4,400 metres of positive altitude difference.

The Amundi Evian Championship

affiche evian championship

The Amundi Evian Championship is a golf event held on theEvian-les-Bains green. It takes place every year in July. The best players in the world compete in this highly anticipated tournament for both players and golf fans.

The Evian Championship is a perfect balance between innovation and tradition. However, the respect of the etiquette is well maintained.

The presence of spectators is particularly appreciated by the players.

The Jumping International de Megève

affiche jumping megève 2022

Every year at the end of July, Megève organises an event that has become unmissable: the Jumping International. During 7 days, the village lives to the rhythm of the jumping competitions.

At each edition, more than 500 horses and 350 riders are welcomed in the resort. Among them, big names in horse riding, but also some celebrities, such as Guillaume Canet.

The Jumping is an event that brings together more than 25,000 visitors. Access is free.

Sports events not to be missed in Savoie

There is no shortage of sporting events in Savoie. Some of them have established themselves as must-sees. Whether they are international or not, we suggest you discover some of them.

Odyssea, charity race in Chambéry

odyssea chambéry

Odyssea is a charity race which raises funds to fight against breast cancer. It takes place every year in the centre of Chambéry.

Races can be done with family, friends or alone. There are several types of races, one of which is dedicated to children.

About 6,000 participants start every year, for 2, 4 or 8 km of running. The start is on the side of the Verney park. Entertainment is provided throughout the day.

The Yéti Race, Tignes

yéti race tignes

The Yéti Race is a team race that takes place every year in Tignes. Its objective? To finish first and pass the ten or so obstacles in front of you.

Strength, stamina, agility and mutual aid are all needed to complete the Yéti Race and its 10 kilometres. The race can be timed or not.

The Yeti Race is a great event for those who love obstacle courses. It is a moment to share with friends and you can spend the whole weekend in the resort of Tignes.

The Critérium de la Première Neige, Val d’Isère

critérium de la première neige val d'isère

The Critérium de la Première Neige is a major sporting event that takes place in Val d’Isère in December. This stage of the Alpine Skiing World Cup marks the start of the winter season. The greatest skiers gather and compete on the Bellevarde face, the mythical slope of Val d’Isère with a 1,000 metre vertical drop.

The first edition took place in 1955, under the impetus of Charles Diebold and Louis Erny. In 1992, the OK hosted the skiing events of the Albertville Olympic Games.

Sports events in Geneva

Annecy is close to Geneva. The proof is in the pudding with the many cross-border commuters who go back and forth every day. So why not take advantage of the sporting events that take place there? We suggest you discover three internationally renowned ones.

The Generali Genève Marathon

marathon de genève affiche

The Generali Genève Marathon is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is also one of the fastest in Switzerland. The first part of the competition takes place in the countryside, while the second part takes place in the heart of the city of Geneva.

Every year, thousands of runners gather to start one of the eight races. 138 nationalities are registered. In 2016, the Generali Genève Marathon obtained the World Athletics Road Race Label. This is a first in Switzerland, which places the event among the top marathons.

The CHI 5* in Geneva

affiche chi 5* genèveThe Geneva International Horse Show is also known as the CHI. A must-attend event for equestrian lovers, it brings together the world’s best riders. It takes place every year in December, near Palexpo.

During the flagship 5* events, couples jump up to 160 cm. At the same time, other events take place, such as the driving event and the indoor cross-country. This guarantees a great show throughout the CHI.

A village of exhibitors is also available.

The Gonet Geneva Open

gonet geneva open

The Gonet Geneva Open is a tennis tournament bringing together players from the top 20 in the world. Stan Wawrinka, Marin Ciclic and Roger Federer have all participated in the event. And these athletes are unanimous, this sporting event is one of the most beautiful of the year.

The Gonet Geneva Open takes place on the grounds of the Geneva Tennis Club, in the heart of the Eaux-Vives Park, on clay courts. The setting therefore adds a significant charm to the event.