Mountain hiking around Annecy

Hiking in the mountains is a sporting activity for all ages. The massifs around Annecy offer itineraries for all levels. We propose to share with you this taste for effort to discover nature.

The 6 most beautiful hikes near Annecy

We offer you our selection of hikes to do in the surrounding mountains. There are many others, but these have the particularity of having a magnificent view of the mountains and lake of Annecy. You may also have the opportunity to meet the fauna of the Haute-Savoie.

La Tournette

Type : LoopDeparture : Car park of the Chalet de l’Aulp – 74210 MontminAltitude Departure : 1424 mAltitude Arrival : 1424 mMaximum altitude : 2351 mLa Tournette is a mountain range overlooking Lake Annecy with a peak culminating at an altitude of 2351 metres.

La Tournette from the Chalet de l’Aulp

La Tournette depuis le Chalet de l'AulpFrom the Col de la Forclaz you can park at the first car park at 1250 metres or at the Chalet de l’Aulp car park a little higher at 1424 metres. With a duration of almost 7 hours and a distance of almost 12 kilometres, this hike is classified as difficult because of its steepness.

But the reward will be a 360° panorama of Lake Annecy, the Mont Blanc, the Aravis, the Pointe Perçée, the Bauges… It is frequent to cross ibexes. To get to the top of the mountain, there are two tricky passages where it is better to have a rope.

This walk is rather reserved for hikers looking for a bit of sensation and not being too afraid of heights, or some passages might seem tricky. The path is nevertheless well secured with the presence of chains and ladders at the most delicate passages.

La Tournette on snowshoes

La Tournette en raquettesIn winter when the mountain is snowy it is possible to go snowshoeing and ski touring in the Massif de La Tourette and reach its summit.

However, the mountain is a wild place and we recommend that you be accompanied by a guide to carry out this type of outing or, failing that, that you prepare your hike well in advance.

After heavy snowfalls, the presence of holes or “Lapiaz”, sometimes several tens of metres long, which are hidden from the feet of skiers and hikers can be dangerous.

La Tournette Refuge

Refuge de La TournetteFrom the Col de la Forclaz, via the Chalet de l’Aulp and the sentier de la Tournette, at an altitude of 1774 metres, you will find the Refuge de la Tournette or Refuge de Blonay-Dufour, closed since 2009.

A spring above the refuge allows you to fill your water bottle.

The Semnoz plateau

Le plateau du SemnozThe Semnoz plateau hike: This hike is of average difficulty, with a difference in altitude of 400 m, but a distance of more than 8 km.

The reward is the view, on a clear day, of Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc. The hike can be done in winter with snowshoes.

Mont Veyrier

Le Mont Veyrier randonnéeMont Veyrier hike: Starting from Annecy-le-Vieux, this 5-hour, 10 km hike is of medium difficulty. You have to follow the path of the Mont Veyrier crest to the Mont Baron.

A magnificent view of the Bauges massif and Lake Annecy awaits you.

The Col de la Forclaz

Le Col de la Forclaz randonnéeThis 11 kilometre excursion with a difference in altitude of 830 metres allows you to discover the sunniest side of Lake Annecy.

On arrival, you can admire the numerous paragliding departures and why not take a first paragliding experience.

The departure is from the commune of Montmin following the forest road which allows you to discover an almost Mediterranean vegetation.

The Crêt du Maure and the Grande Jeanne by the Espagnoux

Le Crêt du Maure et la Grande Jeanne par les EspagnouxThe departure is from Annecy along the Semnoz road (D 41) and park at the Espagnoux car park. The route is 9 kilometres long with a difference in altitude of 370 metres.

At the various intersections, on the outward journey, follow the dark blue marks and the red marks on the return journey.

You will discover the magnificent panorama of the Belvédère des Écureuils which dominates the Annecy area.

The Cirque Rocheux of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

Le Cirque Rocheux de Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval randonnéeYou have to go to the Giffre valley in the direction of Cluses from Annecy to discover the Fond de la Combe trail to enjoy this unique rocky cirque and its limpid waterfalls.

In the Haut-Giffre massif, starting from Passy, you will discover the Lac Vert and the Lac de Pormenaz surrounded by a magnificent forest. These two hikes are perfectly suited for the family.

Two day hikes and more

Le Tour du Mont Blanc randonnéeThe richness of the Haute-Savoie massifs makes it possible to hike for several days. It is of course advisable to be accompanied by a guide if you are not familiar with the natural environment of each route. For hikers of a good level, the Tour du Mont-Blanc is a must with 165 kilometres of marked trails and a difference in altitude of 9,150 metres.

The route is dotted with refuges, gîtes and guest houses. You can combine walking with the ski lifts and public transport.

le tour de la Dent d'Oche randonnéeA three-day loop allows you to walk around the Dent d’Oche near Évian-les-Bains. The mountain culminates at an altitude of 2,222 metres, allowing you to admire Lake Geneva. Finally, in Chamonix, you can take a beautiful hike via the Mont Buet pass at an altitude of 3,096 metres to tour the Aiguilles Rouges and enjoy the panorama of the Mont Blanc glaciers.

Video of the hike to the Aulp de la Tournette chalet

Precautions for hiking

It is important to take some precautions before setting off on a mountain hike:

  • Choose well-tried walking shoes that provide good support for the foot.
  • Take a small first aid kit.
  • Take a map and a telephone (the network is often weak and 4G is unavailable to guide you).
  • Depending on the weather, bring warm clothes, as the temperature can drop quickly in the mountains.
  • Glasses, hat and sun cream are essential.
  • Bring enough water and food for the day.
  • It is essential to tell your friends and family that you are going on a hike, in case of difficulties, they will alert the rescue services.

When you check the weather forecast before you leave, you should expect good weather for the whole of the hike and a little afterwards in case of unforeseen events. If you wish to be accompanied, guides or escorts are available to make your experience even more rewarding.

Hiking clubs in Annecy

We recommend the following clubs:

  • Les Randonnées Savoyardes : 2550 route d’Entredozon – 74410 Saint-Jorioz Tel :
  • Club Alpin Français d’Annecy: 17 Rue du Mont Blanc, 74000 Annecy
  • Gums Annecy: Polyèdre, 4 Impasse Saint-Jean, 74600 Seynod
  • Touring Pédestre Annécien: from September to December, the first Thursday of the month from 5pm to 6pm, salle Jumel Quai des Clarisses, Annecy.
  • CAF Meythet: 4 rue de l’aérodrome, Meythet, 74960 Annecy