Accommodation in Annecy

You have chosen to live in Annecy following a professional transfer or to spend your retirement. You will therefore need to rent or buy a property. The property market in Annecy is quite tight, with rapid transactions. The same is true for the rental market, with a lot of demand.

Renting a property in Annecy

There are many opportunities for renting, but the first tip is to be quick. You choose your preferred area, depending on public transport and parking availability. We offer you a file on car parks in Annecy to guide you in your choice.

We do not recommend the historic part of the Old Town if your rental does not include a garage, as there are very few spaces available, unless you do not use a vehicle regularly.

There is a large supply of social housing, but demand is high. The important thing is to put together your application as soon as possible. There are also many guarantees for the payment of rent that reassure the landlord. To obtain social housing, you should contact the city of Annecy, the social landlords or your employer. It takes about two years to obtain HLM in the Annecy area.

Finally, you should do everything you can to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success when you first contact your future landlord. Find all our advice on renting accommodation in Annecy.

Buying a property in Annecy

With financial yields and interest rates at their lowest, the current situation is favourable for buying a property. It will pay for itself after three years on average nationally and in a little longer in Annecy due to the high price levels. Annecy’s quality of life: lake, mountains, proximity to Switzerland, economic dynamism is reflected in property prices.

But all areas of the city are more accessible, and some pleasant neighbourhoods are well served by public transport.

Generally speaking, the market is largely bullish over the long term, which remains a good investment. Annecy has twice been ranked as the best city in France to live in.

You will find in our file the real estate prices in Annecy, all the necessary advice to acquire a property.

Moving to Annecy

It’s decided, you’ve found the home you like in Annecy. Now you need to organise your move to get settled in the best conditions.