Higher education in Annecy

Higher education in the Annecy region offers many different options for post-baccalaureate studies. We suggest that you explore these important choices available to you in order to refine your professional project. Nearly 8,000 students are gathered in three centres: the Savoie Mont Blanc University, the public higher education establishments and the private establishments.

The Savoie Mont Blanc University in Annecy

The university offers 3 fields of study:

As well as the following diploma levels:

  • DAEU
  • University diploma
  • DUT
  • Licence
  • Licence professionnelle
  • Master
  • Preparatory cycle and engineering degree
  • Doctorate
  • Certificate and preparation.

It has different structures within it to satisfy the students.

Annecy University and Technology Institute

A component of the USMB, theIUT of Annecy offers many sought-after courses:

  • Professional training in electrical engineering, in the marketing of outdoor sports products and services.
  • In the various forms of marketing of cultural products.
  • In the mastery of renewable energies.
  • In IT, networks and telecoms.
  • In the management of companies and administrations.

Savoie Mont Blanc Institute of Business Administration

Also part of the University of Savoie, theIAE offers training for degrees from bachelor’s to professional master’s degrees in the following fields

  • Economics and finance
  • Commerce and sales
  • Communication and hypermedia
  • Technology and management

Polytech’ Annecy-Chambéry

This engineering school is part of the University of Savoie and includes the following higher education courses:

  • Building engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Composite materials
  • Mechatronics
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mechanical Production Engineering
  • Energy
  • Environmental engineering

UCLY Alpes Europe

UCLY Alpes EuropeThe Catholic University of Lyon opened a law degree and an ESDES Lyon Business School course in Annecy in 2020. These courses are located on the site of the Lycée Saint-Michel in Annecy and will be relocated in 2021 to a new building. More than 1,000 students will be present on the Annecy campus, which is located next to the private high school of Saint Michel in Annecy.

ESDES offers two courses:

  • Bachelor in Business (bac + 3)
  • Bachelor in Law & Management which includes two degrees with a year of courses in Ireland in Dublin.

The Art School of the Annecy agglomeration

L'École d'Art de l'agglomération d'AnnecyThis is a higher education school which is approved by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Degrees range from bachelor’s degrees to professional masters. The courses offered in master’s degree are space design and art.

The Gobelins School in Annecy

L'École des Gobelins à AnnecyThis renowned and highly selective school has two sites in France: Paris and Annecy. It prepares students for the image professions with professional bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It also has a structure for incubating talent.

The following courses are taught:

  • Hypermedia and communication
  • Multimedia designer and director
  • Multi-media computer developer

This high-level school also prepares students for jobs in the video game and moving image industry.

Science Po Grenoble in Annecy

Science Po Grenoble à AnnecyThe Grenoble Institute of Political Science has relocated two new Masters courses to Annecy: cross-media and old age and disability. This relocation demonstrates the great dynamism of the higher education sector in the Annecy area.

Annecy Institute of Business Professions and Commerce: IPAC

The IPAC is a private institute with a reputation in Annecy. It offers a wide range of higher studies in various fields related to business and commerce. Four levels of study are possible:

BTS in bac + 2

The following BTS are taught:

  • Maintenance of Construction and Handling Equipment
  • Computer Services for Organisations
  • Negotiation and Digitalization of Customer Relations
  • Commercial Management
  • Banking
  • Management of SMEs
  • Tourism
  • Social and Family Economics
  • Real Estate Professions
  • Accounting and Management

Preparations for competitive examinations in the health and social professions

Preparations for the following competitive examinations are offered

  • Educational and Social Accompanist
  • Preparatory course for nursery assistants
  • Preparatory course for nursing assistants
  • Preparatory course for nursing science training
  • Preparation for the Social Service Assistant training
  • Preparation for Training as a Young Child Educator
  • Preparation for the Special Educator training
  • Moniteur Éducateur Preparation Course
  • Preparatory Course for Educational and Social Accompanist

Bachelor in bac + 3

Here are some of the three-year post-baccalaureate courses available at IPAC:

  • Bachelor in Payroll and Social Management
  • Bachelor in Real Estate
  • Bachelor in Logistics and Transport
  • Bachelor in Business Manager
  • Diplomas in Accounting and Management
  • Bachelor in Web and Digital
  • Bachelor in Web Design
  • Bachelor in Webmarketing and Social Networks
  • Bachelor in Banking and Insurance
  • Bachelor in Human Resources

Master of Business Administration in Bac + 5

And here are the Master’s degree courses offered at IPAC Annecy:

  • MBA in Marketing Communication & Digital
  • MBA in Quality Management of Organisations
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Management
  • MBA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Sports Management
  • MBA in International Business Management
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Management & Finance
  • MBA Private and Professional Client Advisor

The ISETA of Poisy

L'ISETA de PoisyThe Institute of Sciences, Environment and Territories of Annecy offers courses from 4th grade to Bachelor’s degree, in school and in work-study. 1,200 students follow a general and technological education programme as well as 8 professional programmes. The courses concern the following professions: agriculture, aquaculture, water, forestry, nature, commerce, personal services and landscape. In 2023, this institute will join forces with the private vocational school ECA in Annecy-le-Vieux to create a unique offer in France that will bring together the professions of nature, industry and construction.

Continuing education establishments in Annecy

There are 3 organisations that offer higher education in Annecy.

Grouping of local public education establishments: GRETA

This organisation provides training in the fields of health, the tertiary sector, social work and in COA and DAO.

The TETRAS training centre

This centre offers work-linked training, in conjunction with the Savoie Mont-Blanc University. The following training courses are possible:

  • tertiary
  • building
  • technical sales
  • industrial management
  • mechanics
  • networks and computers

Institute of Industrial Engineering Techniques: ITII

In partnership with the University of Savoie-Mont-Blanc and the Metallurgy Trade Unions of the two Savoie regions, engineering courses are taught. The professions offered are as follows:

  • Mechanics-Productics engineering diploma
  • Diploma in Environment and Risk Management Engineering