Where to picnic in Annecy

To make the most of your stay in Annecy, nothing beats a good picnic at midday in the spring or in the early evening when the summer heat starts to wane. We’ll suggest some nice spots that are easily accessible on foot or by bike.

Nice places to picnic on the shores of Lake Annecy

The city of Annecy, bordered by its lake, offers several ideal places to have a snack outside.

The circuit below can be done in both directions, starting from Les Marquisats or Annecy-le-Vieux. All you have to do is choose the place you like the most to put your tablecloth.

Les Marquisats

pique-nique annecy

Starting from the Puya bend, you arrive at the Marquisats beach. This free beach is shaded and is ideal for a summer picnic, which can be complemented by a swim. A shop offers small restaurants, chips, salads and ice creams.

Les Jardins de l’Europe

Jardins de l'Europe Annecy

Continuing to follow the banks of the lake, you will pass the Halle bridge which spans the Thiou. If you turn right immediately, you will arrive in the Jardins de l’Europe park. This large wooded green space is equipped with benches and a large lawn which lends itself well to a picnic with the family or as a couple. Opposite, you can admire the Ile des Cygnes.

The Pâquier

La Pâquier à Annecy

Crossing the Pont des Amours, you will reach the large Pelouse du Pâquier with its many benches. It is a good place for picnics, but beware, there are no trees and the sun is strong in summer. It is better to choose the Pâquier for the end of the day. Children can play ball.

There are many boat rental companies, including the famous pedal boats, where you can have lunch on the water. It is better to swim before eating to avoid health problems.

Charles Bosson Park

parc Charles Bosson Annecy

Continue straight ahead along the Avenue d’Albigny in the shade of its hundred-year-old plane trees to arrive in the Parc Charles Bosson, also known as the Parc de l’Impérial. This large grassy park will allow you to have lunch or dinner in complete tranquillity. For the children, a large outdoor playground will allow them to exercise before the meal.

The part of the Charles Bosson Park between the lake and the Hôtel Impérial Palace is off limits to picnics.

Albigny Beach

Plage d'Albigny

Just a little further on, you will arrive at the Albigny beach in Annecy-le-Vieux. This large, shaded and free beach is equipped with benches. As for the Marquisats beach, you can swim in season before eating. Several ice-cream vendors await you along this beach.

The pontoons of Annecy-le-Vieux

Pontons d'Annecy-le-Vieux

We will finish our tour by discovering a little further on, a ballade on water, or more precisely on broad pontoons which will bring you to the limit of Veyrier-du-Lac. It is an ideal place for a picnic between lake and mountain at the end of the day, to avoid the strong heat.

Important: On all these areas, picnics are allowed, but cooking is forbidden, so no barbecues. Dogs must also be kept on a lead.

Picnicking in the heart of Annecy

Pique-nique au Haras s'AnnecyYou don’t want to sit in a restaurant, but you still want to visit the town and do some shopping. There is a place that is little known to tourists: the Haras d’Annecy. This three-hectare park houses the town’s former stud farm, which has been breeding horses for three centuries. You can sit in the shade of the large trees.

Pique nique ThiouIn the same spirit of peace and coolness, you can picnic along the Thiou promenade. This river runs through the town of Annecy. Numerous facilities such as benches and tables allow you to sit on the banks of the river. You can follow the Thiou from Les Vieilles Prisons to Cran-Gevrier to choose the location that suits you.

Picnicking in the forest around Annecy

The town of Annecy is almost surrounded by forests which are easy to access for families. They are often equipped with tables and benches. We propose a small selection of nice places not known by all.

La grande Jeanne

La Grande Jeanne AnnecyIf you leave Annecy, you will go to the Semnoz to stop at the Grande Jeanne animal park. You will be able to admire the deer, hinds and fallow deer of the region in this park in the middle of nature. Picnic tables are set up nearby. In winter, this site is sunny and in summer, it is sufficiently shaded. The animal park is free of charge.

Les Puisots

Les Puisots Semnoz AnnecyStill in the Semnoz, if you continue to climb a few kilometres, you will arrive at the Puisots site. This large lawn, in the middle of the forest, has an area set up for a country picnic. You can then take the numerous paths in the vicinity to discover the mid-range mountains.

Picnic by the lake of La Balme de Sillingy

Lac de la Blame-de-Sillingy pique-niqueLocated 10 km from Annecy in the direction of Bellegarde, this small lake will allow you to see various wild birds. The walk consists of going around the lake of La Balme de Sillingy and you can have a picnic by the water. Public toilets are also available.