Zoo and aquariums in Haute-Savoie

During your holiday in Annecy, you can visit many themed animal parks and aquariums. A good idea for an activity for the whole family.

Animal parks & zoos

Depending on your preferences, you can choose which species of animals you want to discover in our region.

The Merlet animal park

parc de Merlet Les HouchesLocated at an altitude of 1563m near Chamonix, this park is home to hinds, fallow deer, marmots, ibex, mouflons and chamois. This unique 20-hectare site concept allows you to meet the animals in freedom. Two circuits are proposed: one complete of two hours and the other, with less unevenness, of one hour.

The restaurant offers excellent Savoyard omelettes. To reach the park, you have to walk up for 20 minutes from the car park.Address: 2 495, chemin de Merlet, 74310 Les Houches.

Les Aigles du Léman

Les Aigles du LémanThis animal park is unique in Europe. It has over 600 birds, including 50 eagles of 17 different species. Every day, 6 aerial shows allow you to see these large predators in action. The world’s largest aviary of 18,000 m² allows the birds of prey to fly without constraint.

The equestrian falconry show of the Eagles of Lake Geneva shows how man trains animals to work together to catch prey. The children’s games, castles and inflatable slides are very popular.Address: Domaine de Guidou, Route du Moulin de la Glacière, 74140 Sciez

Grande Jeanne Animal Park

Parc animalier de la Grande JeanneThis 10,500 m² municipal park presents the fauna of the Haute-Savoie mountains: fallow deer, stags, hinds and mouflons. A large meadow is available for picnics. The second enclosure houses the mouflons. You can continue your walk at the back of the park to discover a magnificent panorama of the city of Annecy from the Semnoz.

Despite the barriers, it is recommended that children be held by the hand. The entrance is free. On the way back down the road, you can admire a second enclosure where mouflons are kept.
Address: 14 route du Semnoz, 74000 Annecy


Tropicaland ViryA small animal park that takes you back to the time of the dinosaurs. When visiting the site, you will also come across peacocks, guinea pigs, rabbits, kangaroos and llamas. Located near Saint-Julien-Genevois, this attraction takes 40 minutes to visit. You should bring boots if the ground is wet, as it is muddy.

The prehistoric animals are sometimes hidden in the vegetation.Address: 50 chemin de Cortenet, 74580 Viry

Servion Zoo

This zoological park is located in Switzerland, near Lausanne. It houses more than 70 species of animals on 55,000 m². The park is dedicated to Nordic fauna, big cats, small primates and lemurs. The park’s mascot is Tinka, the Siberian tiger. You can also admire the Arctic wolf, the North American bison and the snow leopard.

The zoo works with other animal parks in Europe to safeguard endangered species.Address: 1 chemin du Zoo, 1077 Servion, Switzerland.

Tropiquarium of Servion

Tropiquarium de Servion SuisseThis animal park is also located in Servion, Switzerland, right next to the zoo. It is specialised in tropical fauna and flora. You will have the opportunity to admire Cape penguins, Komodo dragons, Siamese crocodiles, alligators and pink flamingos.

In the tropical greenhouse, you can observe a hundred birds in a small jungle. A space is dedicated to renewable energies and their applications. You can eat or picnic on the large terrace.Address: 7 route de Cullayes, 1077 Servion, Switzerland.

Le Parcs des Oiseaux

Parc des oiseaux - Villars-les-DombesThis theme park is located in Villars-les-Dombes in the Ain. It presents an exceptional collection of 3,000 individuals representing 300 species. Every day, there are bird shows in flight. In the Loris aviary, visitors can feed the little parrots with nectar. The restaurant “La Réserve”, located in a reed bed, offers local specialities.

The park has more than 60 species listed in the book of endangered species, such as the bearded vulture, which is an Alpine vulture. The recommended time to visit the site is 3 hours.Address: RD1 083, 01330 Villars-les-Dombes.

The Domaine des Fauves

Domaines des Fauves en IsèreLocated in the Isère department, this theme park specialises in feathered and furry predators from the five continents. 200 animals, of more than 75 species, are present on the 3 hectares of the site. You will discover in particular: jaguars, white tigers, wolves and cheetahs. Among the birds of prey, you will find: buzzards, urubus and vultures.

For children, there are several playgrounds and a climbing wall. In the mini-farm they can pet sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs. A safari quiz, organised in the form of a treasure hunt, allows them to go in search of the zoo’s “totem animal”.Address: Fitilieu, 38490 Les-Abrets-en-Dauphiné.


Animal parks with themes dedicated to the underwater world allow you to discover the wealth of aquatic fauna.

The Regional Observatory of Alpine Lakes

Observatoire Régional des Lacs Alpins Musée Château d'AnnecyWithin the Annecy castle-museum, in the Logis Pèrrière, visitors can admire the fauna and flora of the freshwater lakes of the French Alps in numerous aquariums over 700 m². The functioning of the lake ecosystem and its food chain are explained. The historical architectural elements are highlighted.

An archaeological exhibition also presents the first settlements of the lake: the lake cities. You can then visit Annecy Castle. The ticket price includes both museums.Address: Place du Château, 7400 Annecy.

The Aquatis Aquarium-Vivarium of Lausanne

Aquatis aquarium LausanneOn the shores of Lake Geneva, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Aquatis takes visitors on a journey through five continents to discover freshwater ecosystems. It is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe. The scenography and special effects enhance the visit. The park is committed to a species preservation programme.

Its vivarium allows you to observe many reptiles. You can eat at the restaurant “Le Piranha” in the company of these carnivorous fish.Address: 144 route de Berne, 1010 Lausanne, Switzerland.