The swimming pools of Annecy

Three swimming pools are available in Annecy, two of which are covered and open all year round.

Jean Régis swimming pool at Les Fins in Annecy

Piscine Jean Régis d'Annecy

The Jean Régis swimming pool in Les Fins offers two pools for swimming, a paddling pool for children, and a pool for the disabled or for rehabilitation.

There is also an outdoor area where you can enjoy the grass and the sun when the weather is fine.

More information : Jean Régis swimming pool at Les Fins in Annecy

Piscine des Marquisats in Annecy

Piscine Marquisats AnnecyThe Marquisats swimming pool is the only outdoor pool in the Annecy area. Composed of three pools and a paddling pool, equipped with games for children, it welcomes the public from May 1st to September 6th.

More information : Marquisats swimming pool in Annecy

Ile Bleue swimming pool in Seynod

Piscine L'île bleue à Seynod

The swimming pool of Seynod, L’Ile Bleue, is the only swimming pool that can be found in the Annecy area, apart from those of Annecy. This swimming pool is very well equipped and is in the centre of a sports complex: 2 pools, Jacuzzi, sports room, snack bar and restaurant.

More information : Ile Bleue swimming pool in Seynod

Swimming pool prices

The following rates are valid for the Jean-Régis pool, the Marquisats pool and the Ile Bleue pool. Please note that the reduced rates are applied on presentation of proof. They apply to students, the under-18s, the over-65s, disabled people and their carers, large families and members of the group.

Prix adulteTarif réduit
Tarif unitaire4,60 €3,50 €
Carte horaire 10 heures23,90 €/
Carte horaire 20 heures45,40 €/
Carte 12 entrée46,00 €35,00 €
Abonnement semestriel80,00 €60,00 €
Abonnement annuel146,50 €110,00 €
Cours particulier20,00 €/
Cours collectifs adultes9,80 €/
Cours collectifs adultes + entrée complémentaire11,80 €/
Cours aquabike11,30 €/
Cours natation prénatale9,80 €/
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