Where to do your administrative procedures?

You need to do your passport in a hurry, you need advice on filling in your tax return, you have lost your dog and you are looking for the SPA, we offer you a practical guide to know where to do your administrative procedures in Annecy.

Identity card and passport in Annecy

Whether it is for a first application or a renewal, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Collect the Cerfa form from one of the registry offices of the Annecy town hall: Annecy, Annecy-le-Vieux, Cran-Gevrier or Seynod.
  2. Put together your file: the documents you need to provide will be indicated on the form you have collected, depending on your situation. You will need to provide a tax stamp of 86 € for a passport for adults
  3. Make an appointment to submit your applicationat the town hall (making an appointment is compulsory).
  4. Go to the appointment with the complete file
  5. Collect your identity documentat the town hall.

Here are the times and numbers of the registry offices in the new commune of Annecy:

  • Annecy Town Hall: Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Tel: Switchboard open between 12 noon and 1.30 pm. Please note that following the fire at the Town Hall, the registry office is located at 9 boulevard Decoux in Annecy.
  • Annecy-le-Vieux Town Hall: Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. Tel: 04 50 23 86 00.
  • Mairie de Cran-Gévrier: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 6.30pm and Saturdays from 10am to 12pm. Tel: 04 50 88 67 00.
  • Seynod Town Hall: Monday from 1.30 to 5pm, Tuesday from 9am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 5pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30am to 12pm and 1.30pm to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm. Tel: 04 50 33 45 00.

Production times vary, it takes one month for an identity card and two months for a passport, so it is important to anticipate your request if you are going abroad.

The CAF in Annecy

For your requests for family allowances and other social benefits, you should contact the CAF in Annecy.

The Caisse d’Allocations Familiales d’Annecy is located: 2 rue Emile Romanet 74000 Annecy, near the Place des Romains which is a large car park.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 8.15am to 4.30pm. You can make an appointment at www.caf.fr / Ma CAF (74000) / Contact ma CAF.

Telephone: 32 30 to reach the CAF switchboard in Haute-Savoie (free service + call price).

Annecy Employment Centre

If you are unemployed or looking for a job, you can go to Pôle Emploi Annecy to follow up on your file or to register for benefits.

This public service is located: 2 Rue du Champ de la Taillée 74600 Seynod.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 8.30 am to 4.15 pm and Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Telephone: 39 49

Annecy Personal Income Tax Department

The Annecy tax centre welcomes you for all your tax and administrative formalities.

Address: Cité administrative, 7 rue Dupanloup 74040 Annecy Cedex

Opening hours: Monday to Tuesday: 8.30am to 12pm, 1.30pm to 4pm,Wednesday: 8.30am to 12pm,Thursday: 8.30am to 12pm, 1.30pm to 4pm andFriday: 8.30am to 12pm.

Telephone: from 8.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons: personalised reception by appointment.

EDF Annecy branch

The EDF Anne cy branch welcomes you at 5 avenue des Romains 74000 Annecy every day except Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. Our article concerning the opening of an EDF meter will give you more details.Telephone: 09 69 32 1515

Annecy Pound

If unfortunately your vehicle is impounded due to bad parking. You need to contact the Annecy Municipal Police, which is located in the Old Town at 10 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau or by telephone at

Animal protection associations

If you wish to adopt a cat or dog, or if you have lost your pet, you can contact the local animal protection associations, such as the SPA in Annecy. They can also be useful if you find wild or abandoned animals in need of care.Address: SPA Annecy Marlioz – le Penet – 74270 MarliozTelephone:

Prefecture of Annecy Service des cartes grises

If you change your vehicle or your address, the modification of the vehicle registration document is compulsory. You can do this on the official website of theAgence nationale des titres sécurisés.

Where to go to the Haute-Savoie prefecture: Cité administrative – 14 rue du 30ᵉ Régiment d’Infanterie – 74000 Annecy

Opening hours : every day except Saturday from 8.45am to 11am and from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

Public drinking water service of the Greater Annecy agglomeration

Drinking water is supplied by the Greater Annecy agglomeration. To open or close an account, you can either go to the agglomeration website, or phone, or go to 46 avenue des Iles in Annecy.

Important: Many administrative procedures can be carried out online from your computer, smartphone or tablet. For some people who are less at ease with these uses, it is possible to make an appointment in each of Annecy’s delegated communes to carry out the procedure with a municipal digital mediator who will also familiarise you with computers.