Animal protection associations in Annecy

When we find an animal in distress, we don’t always know what to do. If the first idea is to take it in, it can also be interesting to contact local associations. We have a few in and around Annecy.

The role of animal protection associations

Whether they work in Annecy or elsewhere, animal protection associations have several missions. They range from raising awareness among the general public to sterilising colonies of stray cats and fighting against mistreatment to providing care. They can work with both domestic animals and wildlife. Some offer shelters, such as the SPA in Marlioz, while others rely on foster families, such as Des Cœurs à Sauver.

How to support animal protection associations?

Today, there are several ways to support local animal protection associations such as

  • Adopting directly from an association.
  • Sponsoring an animal.
  • Making a financial or material donation.
  • Getting involved as a volunteer.

Why adopt from an association?

Adopting an animal through an association allows you to do a good deed. We can therefore only recommend that you do so. By doing so, you will save two lives. That of your future four-legged friend, as well as that of the animal that will take over in the foster home or shelter.

Among all the dogs and cats present in the associations, there is no doubt that you will find the rare pearl, even if it takes a little time. You can count on the volunteers to direct you towards an animal that corresponds better to your profile and lifestyle.

What should I do if I find an animal in distress?

We have all come across an animal in need of care at least once. If the first instinct is to take it home, you should also think about other things. Wrap the animal in a blanket, for example, and give it something to drink. If you have a cat or a dog, do not bring them into contact. If you don’t know the background of the animal you have rescued, you may be facilitating the transmission of disease. So think about isolating it in a separate room.

Then, contact the local associations to find out if they are able to take care of it. If not, you can turn to the SPA or phone the vets in Annecy, Épagny Metz-Tessy or Poisy. Do not hesitate to launch a Pet Alert, as the animal you have taken in may have owners.

Agreements between communes and associations

Since 1 January 2015, stray cats must be identified and sterilised in order to prevent their proliferation. To this end, agreements are made between town halls and local associations.

This is notably the case for the town of Annecy, Étercy and the new commune of Fillières, which includes Saint-Martin-Bellevue. If a stray cat comes to visit you in your garden, you can contact an association so that it can come and catch it and sterilise it.

Animal protection associations in Annecy

There are several animal protection associations in Annecy or on the outskirts of the town. The SPA Marlioz, which is located at Le Penet, in the commune of Marlioz. Dogs, cats and new pets (NAC) are available for adoption at prices ranging from 90 to 300 euros. It is possible to make a free donation when an animal is over 10 years old.


Hearts to Save

The association Des Cœurs à Sauver, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022, is based in Lathuile, at the end of Lake Annecy. Made up of around twenty volunteers, it helps owners who have to give up their animals, as well as abandoned cats and dogs. It also works to sterilise colonies of stray cats, particularly in the communes of Talloires, Sévrier and Saint-Jorioz. Adoption fees range from 30 to 500 euros.


Animatou 74

Animatou 74 is an association created in 2020. In 2021 alone, 228 cats were placed in foster care with the aim of finding a family. Volunteers work mainly in an area between the north of Annecy and Cruseilles. To adopt a cat from Animatou 74, you need to pay between 100 and 200 euros.


Who to contact elsewhere in Haute-Savoie?

If you don’t live in Annecy, you should know that other associations can answer your questions and intervene to trap and sterilise cats, for example. You can also contact them if you wish to adopt an animal.


If you live near Rumilly or elsewhere in the Albanais, we recommend that you turn to Savoinimaux. Created in 2013, it works through foster families. Since then, a solidarity shop has opened its doors and is located at 47 rue du Pont Neuf in Rumilly. The adoption fees are a contribution to the animal’s veterinary costs.


Les Félins des Cimes

For those of you in the Fillinges area, the association Les Félins des Cimes could be useful if you find a cat in need or if you are looking for a feline to adopt.

Although the volunteers work in the Genevois and the Arve Valley, some foster families are located in Annecy. And the association has already intervened in the Fier et Usses area, such as in the commune of Nonglard, even if this is no longer its main area of intervention. The adoption fee is 190 euros.


M’geve Miaou

On the Mont Blanc side, you can contact M’geve Miaou if you are looking for a fur ball to adopt. The association, based in Megève, strives to take care of cats that have no home in the commune. This includes sterilisation, but also adoption when they are sociable enough.

Since the creation of M’geve Miaou, 220 cats have found a new family and 122 are being cared for freely. The adoption fee is 165 euros and corresponds to a contribution to the identification, sterilisation and first vaccination.


Wild animals in distress, who to contact in Haute-Savoie?

In our department, it is common to come across wild animals. Whether we are driving or hiking, it is always a nice surprise. However, we can sometimes come across an animal in need of care. But who do we contact in such a case?

The Tétras Libre

Le Tétras Libre is a rescue centre whose aim is to care for, rehabilitate and release wild animals in distress. Although the centre is based in Savoie, it also operates in Haute-Savoie and part of the Ain region.

As the care of wild animals is different from that of our dogs and cats, it is important to contact the centre as soon as possible. Especially as a private individual is not allowed to keep a wild animal at home.

Contact SOS Faune Sauvage: Le Tétras Libre:


Ermus is a care centre located in Groisy. Located near Annecy, the structure is approved to treat and rehabilitate small wild mammals in difficulty. Once they have been treated and their convalescence is complete, they are released back into their natural environment.

Contact: or

Examples of associations outside Haute-Savoie

Associations working for the well-being of domestic animals are also present in Savoie and in the Ain. We give you two examples which will allow you to react more quickly if you find a cat or a dog in need.

Les Chats libres de Chambéry

The association Les Chats Libres de Chambéry aims to sterilise and protect stray cats in the agglomeration. This helps to limit the number of births. Foster families temporarily take in cats that need to be cared for or sterilised.

Depending on their socialisation, they will be offered for adoption or released as “free cats”. For those who will start a new life and who will be pampered, a contribution to the veterinary expenses will be requested. This is 170 euros per animal, excluding administration costs. A supplement may be added for tests and vaccinations carried out.

Contact: contact@chatslibreschambery –

Ain Coup de Patte

Ain Coup de Patte is an association that rescues all animals in distress. It is located in Chaneins and has a shelter. People going on a trip can leave their dog at the shelter for a maximum of 10 days. The aim of the volunteers is to avoid abandonment.

As far as adoption is concerned, the costs will vary according to the age of the animal. If it is a dog, its breed will be taken into account. For cats, the price of an adoption will vary according to the vaccination schedule and sterilisation.