Primary and secondary education in Annecy

Annecy has many primary and secondary schools. We offer you an overview, to help you if you are planning to settle in the Annecy area with your children. We also indicate whether it is public or private education.

Primary education in Annecy

Ecole maternelle à AnnecyAnnecy has 30 elementary schools and 29 nursery schools for more than 9450 pupils. You can also enrol your child in one of the 13 private primary schools in Annecy, all of which are under contract with the French national education system.

Annecy’s schools operate on the 4-day school model, so there are no classes on Wednesday morning.

Registration for nursery and primary schools

The 29 nursery schools are spread throughout the territory of the new commune of Annecy, which includes the former communes ofAnnecy, Annecy-le-Vieux, Seynod, Cran-Gévrier, Meythet and Pringy.

You must register your child(ren) in the following cases:

  • Entry into nursery section
  • Entry into CP except if he/she comes from a school with only one director (i.e. from the kindergarten of the school he/she was attending).
  • Following a move, even within the new commune.

How and when to register?

Registration takes place in April. You must go to the local reception of your town hall with the following documents:

  • Your family record book or a copy of your birth certificate less than 3 months old.
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old (water, EDF, GDF bill).
  • In the event of separation, proof of custody of the child with written validation of the agreement of both parents.
  • A certificate of expulsion if your child comes from another school.

At the end of your application, the town of Annecy will give you a registration certificate with the address of the school. The school is chosen by the town hall according to your place of residence.

If you wish to enrol your child in another school in Annecy or if you do not live in Annecy, you must request an exemption which is studied by a commission.For public schools, enrolment procedures vary from one school to another. Demand is high, so it is important to anticipate your request for enrolment as soon as possible by making an appointment with the school. Private Catholic education in Haute-Savoie represents a significant offer: 49 schools, 23 collèges, 11 vocational lycées, 12 lycées and 4 agricultural lycées for a total of 32,400 pupils.

Children with educational difficulties

If you have a child with a disability, you should contact the Maison départementale des personnes handicapées at 12 avenue de Chevêne in Annecy. Tel: 04 50 33 22 50. The town offers Ulis classes in 9 schools in Annecy which facilitate the integration of disabled children. In addition, the Arlequin kindergarten accommodates 7 autistic children in the former commune of Cran-Gévrier in a UEM (Unité d’enseignement spécialisé).

If your child does not speak French well enough. There are also 4 schools to bring him/her up to standard, these are the UPEAA. After a few months, your child will be enrolled in a regular class.

International Bilingual School of Haute-Savoie

This public school is located in Annecy-le-Vieux in the Pommaries district. 400 pupils are enrolled from kindergarten to secondary school. The classes of 20 students offer bilingual teaching with native English teachers. The EBIHS is in high demand with a large waiting list despite the high fees.

Secondary education in Annecy

Annecy has 14 collèges and 8 lycées spread throughout the city.

Choosing a secondary school

Collèges des Barattes à Annecy-le-VieuxFor private secondary schools, the registration formalities in Annecy differ from one school to another. It is easier if your child comes from the public school of the same establishment. For public secondary schools, your child’s CM2 teacher will give him/her his/her registration file before the spring holidays. The choice of school is made by the inspector of the Grenoble academy, according to the geographical area of your home.

A derogation may be requested, and will be studied on the basis of medical criteria, disability, scholarships, and adapted schooling.

Enrolment in the sixth form

Your child will receive an enrolment form which you will fill in. Wait for the information meetings with the teaching staff before filling it in. You will have to choose :

  • The first foreign language. Some private schools in Annecy also offer an introduction to the choice of a second foreign language as well as advanced teaching in English, this is the Cambridge option.
  • Thechild’s regime: day, half-board or boarding.
  • Optional teaching of a regional language.

If your child was in a public school under contract, he or she can transfer to the public school system on presentation of his or her CM2 school file, with a decision to transfer or repeat the year.If you are moving to Annecy, you must inform the schooling service of your former rectorate.

Choosing your lycée

Lycée Berthollet à AnnecyThe Annecy agglomeration offers 4 general and technological high schools and 5 vocational high schools. The Saint-Michel high school is a public school. Four of its students won the 2021 Engineering Sciences Olympiad, taking second place in the academic competition and the national co-education prize. They designed an intelligent bicycle pedal to make cycling safer for people with prosthetic legs.

The choice of school depends on the assignment made by the Academic Director of National Education Services in Grenoble. The assignment depends on the choice of orientation made by the 3rd year class council and your place of residence in Annecy. If you have moved to Anne cy before the start of the school year, you must ask your local education authority to enrol your child in the lycée in your new area.

If you wish to attend a public lycée other than the one allocated to you, you must apply for an exemption before enrolling.

Enrolment in seconde

You must send your application form to your future lycée within the deadline. The documents to be enclosed vary from one school to another, but you will often be asked for the following documents:

  • Proof of address
  • School report from the previous year
  • Application form
  • Guidance decision of the Conseil de 3e.

You can also consult our overview of higher education in Annecy.