The 3 best pizzerias in Annecy

The three best pizzerias in Annecy are worth a visit. During your holidays, you may want to try this Italian dish that the whole family loves. After having tested many restaurants, we propose you our selection of the best pizzas in Annecy.

N°1 The Little Italy

This establishment is located at 16 rue Sainte-Claire in the Old Town of Annecy. Both vegetarians and vegans are welcome. This first place in the ranking is well deserved, thanks to the quality and originality of the pizzas offered. The fresh products used: Italian cheeses and cold meats, salads, vegetables, truffle oil guarantee a first class taste experience. We advise you to have the names of some toppings explained to you. This will make it easier for you to choose the pizza. The only downside is that the soft drinks are too expensive.

To avoid too many people coming, it is better to come at the second service. The menu of homemade desserts is to be recommended. You can eat on the terrace (heated in winter) under the arcades or in the room with its New York atmosphere. If you are alone, you can be served at the counter like in an American “dinner”. To make matters worse, the service is very friendly. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

N°2 La Romantica

This pizzeria, located at 6 avenue du Rhône in Annecy, has been in existence for decades and offers incomparable wood-fired cooking. The dough is crisp and thin, which gives it a unique taste, with a 50-hour slow rise. The tomato sauce with a slight hint of spice is the signature of the pizza maker. We particularly enjoyed the Parmigiana, which as the name suggests is covered with thin slices ofParma ham after cooking. The spaghetti carbonara is a monument of its kind for fans, as is the lasagne, which immediately makes a difference in terms of the quality of the ingredients used. The tiramisu is prepared in coffee according to the original recipe and will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

As the restaurant is quite small, it is advisable to reserve a table. You can also take your pizza to go for a picnic on the banks of Lake Annecy. The family service is discreet and efficient. As an aperitif, we recommend the garlic focaccia.

N°3 Plein Sud

The third place in our ranking of the best pizzas in Annecy goes to the restaurant Plein Sud. It is located at 5 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, right next to the Palais de L’Isle, also called the Vieilles Prisons. During your visit to the city, you can make a gourmet stop in the middle of the pedestrian zone. This restaurant offers pizzas, but also local dishes such as tartiflette and large Italian salads.

The pizzas are very generous and well garnished withfresh qualityingredients. Our favourite is the macaroni and mushroom gratin or the oven baked ham with cream. The service is provided by the owners, who take great care of their customers. The smile is not just a facade. A liqueur of Limoncello or Génépi is often offered at the end of the meal. The terrace is located along the Thiou which is a small river that crosses Annecy. Finally, the prices are very reasonable with a menu that we recommend. As the establishment is often full, you should ask how long it will take you to get a table, this allows you to discover the charms of the little Venice of the Alps.

Our selection is necessarily subjective and there are many other restaurants in Annecy where you can enjoy good pizza.

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