La Mandallaz

La Mandallaz is a mountain located in the communes of Cuvat, Sillingy, Épagny, La Balme de Sillingy, Pringy and Choisy. It is more than 8 km long and 4 km wide and is therefore located to the northwest of the town of Annecy.


La Mandallaz grotte du MaquisThere are many caves in this mountain, such as the Lesvaux cave where skeletons dating back to 3000 BC were discovered, or those of the Curé and the Maquis.

The Mandallaz forest was the refuge of about forty resistance fighters during the war. They learned to handle weapons there.

For several centuries, the Mandallaz had iron mines which were exploited from 1700 to 1905, when they were closed. The Vuache fault was the cause of a major earthquake in the Annecy region on 15 July 1996.

Tête de la Mandallaz hike

Randonnée de la Tête de la MandallazStarting from La Balme-de-Sillingy, this hike leads to the Tête de la Mandallaz, at an altitude of 900 m.

The path is very well signposted and is suitable for walking, trail riding and mountain biking. At the viewpoints, it is necessary to hold the hands of young children.

The total height difference is 441 m. You can see the Curé cave and the Maquis cave. To appreciate the different panoramas, it is preferable to do the outing on a clear day.

Photos of the Mandallaz

View of the Mandallaz from the village of Quintal:

montagne mandallaz vue de quintal