Moving: administrative procedures

If you are going to move to Annecy, it is important to think about the administrative formalities required to facilitate your move. Water service, tax service, registration on the electoral roll, census, school enrolment, nursery places, we offer a guide to make your life easier.

The drinking water service in Annecy

Tap water is essential in every home, so as soon as you arrive to take advantage of this service you must take this step. In the Annecy agglomeration, the water service is public. The price of water corresponds solely to the costs of producing and transporting water. It is provided by Greater Annecy.

As soon as you move in, you must contact the water service to open your account:

  • either by telephone on 04 50 33 89 30,
  • or by going to the reception of the service at 46 avenue des Îles in Annecy,
  • or on the water service website.

This registration should be done as soon as possible so that you do not have to pay for the water consumption of your predecessor and do not suffer any water cuts. You will need to provide your meter number and the contact details of the owner or former tenant.

Registration on the Annecy electoral roll

Following your move, you must declare your new address to the Annecy town hall to be able to vote. It is possible to register all year round. However, for election years, there is a deadline before the vote. How do I register?

  • On site at the registry office of Annecy town hall, 9 boulevard Decoux. You will need to provide proof of identity and residence as well as a form that will be given to you at the town hall.
  • online on the website, attaching a scanned version of your proof of address and identity.
  • by post to the Registrar’s Office of the town of Annecy, enclosing proof of identity and address as well as the cerfa form n°12669*02 for registration.

If you want to know your electoral situation before applying for registration, the French administration provides you with this official portal.

The town of Annecy has 82 polling stations, you will be registered in the one closest to your home.

Practical steps to take if you move

You will find below the practical steps to take before, during and after your move to Annecy.

Before moving

Certain steps must be taken before your departure:

  1. Enrol your children in theschool in your neighbourhood. More information on schools in Annecy.
  2. Ask the CAF if you are entitled to a moving allowance.
  3. If you are a tenant, you must notify your landlord by registered letter and set a date for the inventoryof fixtures.
  4. Book childcare if you have young children. More information on crèches and childminders in Annecy.
  5. Enrol your child according to age in nursery, primary, secondary or high school. More information on secondary and primary education in Annecy.
  6. Declare your change of address to the following organisations: CAF, EDF, Pôle Emploi, CPAM, tax office. This can be done in one go on the website
  7. Insure your new home and cancel your old insurance.
  8. Notify your former employer within the time limit if you have a new one.
  9. Inform your car insurance company, as the insurance premium may change.
  10. Transfer or cancel your telephone, landline, TV and internet subscription. There are companies that can take care of this formality to make it easier for you.
  11. Notify your mobile phone operator of the change of billing address.
  12. Ask the post office to return your mail to your new address for one year.
  13. If you subscribe to the press, indicate your new address.
  14. If you have registered your old address on online shopping sites, don’t forget to make the change.
  15. If you have valuable objects, take out removal insurance.
  16. Notify your bank to find out the address of the local branch.
  17. If you live in a town, inform the town hall so that you can get a parking space for the removal van.

The day of the move

These steps are imperative to avoid any discussions afterwards:

  1. If you are renting, carry out the inventoryof fixtures with your landlord.
  2. Read the gas, water and electricity meters and take photos.
  3. If you are a new tenant, you should carry out theinventory of fixtures on entering your home. This can be done in advance if you already have the keys to your home.

After you move in

The following formalities are not urgent, but you should do them quickly so that you do not forget:

  1. Choose a doctor, a dentist and the specialists you need. In Annecy, it often takes a long time to get an appointment with some specialist doctors, and even longer if you are a new patient.
  2. Changing your address on your vehicle registration document is compulsory and free of charge. You can either go to your local prefecture if you need help with online procedures, or you can do it on the official website of theAgence nationale des titres sécurisés.