The Fier: River of Haute Savoie

The Fier is a torrent river that runs through the south of Haute-Savoie, from the Aravis mountains to the town of Seyssel where it joins the Rhône (one of the largest rivers in France).

The origins of the Fier

The Fier has its source at Mont Charvin, in the lake of the same name, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres, before flowing through the communes of Thônes, Dingy Saint-Clair, Alex, Annecy and Annecy-le-Vieux and Lovagny. It is joined along its course by various watercourses such as the Thiou (the smallest river in France), the Chamfroid, the Torrent du Nom, the Fillière and the Chéran. It then makes its way through the Gorges at Lovagny before peacefully joining the Val-de-Fier and then becomes a tributary of the Rhône at the level of the commune of Seyssel (commune straddling the Ain and the Haute-Savoie)

A rich river thanks to its fauna and flora

Between the Aravis mountain range and Seyssel, this river is more than 71 km long and goes from a calm stream to a raging torrent following its path through the different mountain ranges it crosses. It is fed mainly by water from rainfall, but also by water from melting snow. During the rainy episodes that fall on the department, its bed rises accordingly for two to four days.

A river that is ideal for fishing and bathing, thanks to its many creeks and natural beaches, the Fier is a very popular river with the people of Annéci as well as with tourists. The gorges of the Fier at Lovagny are one of the most visited places in the department each year and offer a magnificent spectacle full of history.

Sports activities on the Fier

When the season and the weather are favourable, the Fier is a calm and pleasant river. You can practice canoeing, there are courses set up by the departmental council. Fishing enthusiasts know this river well, as it is home to many Fario trout. If you are patient, you can make some good catches while respecting the regulations.

Where to swim in the Fier?

Just before Annecy-le-Vieux, the Plaine d’Alex is a popular swimming and sunbathing spot. Access is easy from the communes of Dingy Saint-Clair and la Balme-de-Thuy. The banks are made up of pebbles, and it is advisable to use water shoes for your comfort. There is a large public, but there is no official beach. The water temperature remains fairly cool, not exceeding 20°C in summer.

You can also swim further downstream, near Hauteville-sur-Fier. There are many small, pleasant coves. Beware of the activity of the Brassilly dam.

Important: The Fier is a torrent, which means that it can flood in the event of heavy rainfall upstream or a storm. Its flow is then very important and therefore dangerous even on the banks of the Fier. In some places the current can be dangerous, there is no surveillance. Do not swim alone and keep an eye on your children.