Find an internship in Annecy

Finding an internship allows you to build up your CV, to fulfil a school requirement, but also to test a job profile to be sure of your career direction. Where to find internship offers? Who to ask?

Post your CV on job boards

Job board AnnecyThis is an important step to make yourself known to companies and administrations that offer internships in the Annecy region. You select the right keywords to post your CV on sites such as: Monster, Keljob, Indeed, Pôle Emploi, Cadres on Line or Linkedin.

In order for your CV to be well integrated into these portals, you must highlight your skills in the form of blocks. Each block details your specificity with the key words that are appropriate for the profile you are looking for. For example, if you have a BTS in sales force, you should have a first section “Sales assistant” with the expressions: quotation, order taking, prospecting, customer relations and a second section “Administrative” with the administrative functions that you can perform.

The HRD function of large companies in the Annecy area use these sourcing tools to refine their search for trainees.

Apply on the companies’ website

Groupe Salomon à AnnecyOur town has a dense and dynamic economic fabric. SMEs and large companies alike offer hundreds of internships every year. To send your CV, you should go to the corporate websites of large companies. These showcase sites have a career or recruitment section where you can submit your application for an internship.

Search for internship offers in the careers pages of large companies in Annecy:

Send your unsolicited application to companies in Annecy

Société NTN-SNR AnnecyYou can also target the person to contact by calling the head office to find out the secretary of the department that interests you. This call can make a difference if you send your email directly to the right contact. The Linkedin social network also allows you to target your contact by looking at the organisation chart with the names of the managers, before calling the company.

Here are the specific questions to ask: Are you currently looking for interns? In which positions and for what period? Who can I send my application to?

Word of mouth and social networks

Bouche à oreilleIt is well known that word of mouth is the best way to find an internship in Annecy. It allows you to know the right person to send your application to at the right time. You should ask your teachers, friends, classmates and family. Be sure to specify the type of internship you are looking for, the position and the company.

At the same time, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Linkedin allow you to post your CV, exchange ideas and make valuable contacts for an internship but also for your future job search.