The Secret Gardens of Vaulx

A visit to the Secret Gardens of Vaulx between Annecy and Rumilly is a fascinating experience that will appeal to lovers of Baroque architecture as well as botany.

The Secret Gardens: a family history

This is the story of a family who settled in 1980 in an old rural farm in the small commune of Vaulx in Haute-Savoie. The couple and their three children renovated the building while decorating it and flowering the surroundings. The 7,000 m² of gardens are created empirically to tell a story. The only guiding principle is to make the place pleasant and conducive to reverie by mixing influences and atmospheres.

The more the project grows and takes shape, the more intriguing the Gardens become. In 1994, the couple decided to open their doors to visitors.

An improbable mosaic of gardens

The influences are numerous, between the Alps and the Mediterranean. It is a succession of gardens, patios, ponds and fountains that make up this unique place whose Ariadne’s thread is the water that can be heard flowing and which brings a feeling of tranquillity and contemplation.

The materials used are recycled, natural and often diverted from their initial function. The luxuriant vegetation adapts to the numerous fountains, eight of which are named after the couple’s grandchildren. For some visitors, the Alcazar of Seville and the Alhambra of Granada have certainly influenced some parts of the Vaulx Gardens with this subtle balance between water, architecture and vegetation.

Harmoniously accompanying nature

The presence of vegetation in the Jardins de Vaulx appears natural around the buildings. The choice of local species is combined with the gentleness of the site. Bees and bumblebees have returned because the owners no longer treat the rosebushes with pesticides. The numerous melliferous plants have attracted several species of butterfly.

In 1997, the garden received the “Trophée du tourisme vert”, in 2014 the “Marque Qualité Tourisme” from the Ministry of Tourism and in 2018 the label“Jardin Remarquable“. A small restaurant is available on site at lunchtime in summer.

Practical information for visiting the Secret Gardens

The site is open every day.


  • Adults: €8.50
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: €4.50
  • Less than 4 years old: free

Address: Les Jardins Secrets, 1561 route de Lagnat, 74150 Vaulx

For a fun family visit, you can ask at the entrance for the game“Zelda in the garden of mischief”. PRM can access 70% of the tour, and the toilets are adapted. Parking is free and there is a picnic area nearby. Dogs on a lead are allowed.

Brunch at noon and tapas in the evening are available during the summer.

The visit lasts between 1 H 30 and 2 H 00.

Video presentation of the Secret Gardens at Vaulx in Haute-Savoie