The Fier : River of Haute Savoie

The Fier is a river that crosses the south of Haute Savoie, it begins in the Aravis chain of the city of Seyssel in which it joins the Rhone (One of the largest rivers in France).

The Fier has its source at Mount Charvin before crossing the villages of Thônes, Dingy St Clair, Alex, Annecy-le-Vieux and Annecy, and then spun on Lovagny, village of Val-de-Fier and become a tributary of the Rhone in Seyssel (Village located between the Ain and Haute-Savoie).

It links the Aravis and Seyssel over 66km and is a calm river to a raging torrent after its various passages through the mountains.

An ideal river for fishing and swimming with numerous coves and natural beaches. The Fier, is a popular river with tourists such as Annecy through the grooves that you can find here: Gorges du Fier in Lovagny