Marcellaz-Albanais is a village located halfway between Annecy and Rumilly. Its rural character is becoming increasingly attractive, especially as the village has many services. In 2023, it was ranked in the top 10 villages where it is good to live.

Geography and economy of the village

village de Marcellaz-Albanais ©M. PitteloudGeographically, the village of Marcellaz-Albanais is located 11 kilometres from Annecy and 7 kilometres from Rumilly.

It is the second largest commune in the canton of Rumilly in terms of population, with 1,953 inhabitants on 1 January 2019 for an area of 1,456 hectares.

In terms of economic activity, the village of Marcellaz-Albanais is divided between agriculture, which is still very present, crafts and the liberal professions.

The etymology of Marcellaz-Albanais

The old name of the village is Marcellaz en Genevois. It was only in 1921 that the commune was renamed Marcellaz-Albanais. The aim of this new name was to avoid confusion with the other commune in Haute-Savoie named Marcellaz, which is located between Fillinges and Peillonnex.

The history of Marcellaz-Albanais

The village of Marcellaz-Albanais, Marcellaz for the locals, has its origins in antiquity. However, it is during the Middle Ages that the name “Marsolaz” appears for the first time, in 1344 precisely. At that time, the commune was placed under the patronage of Saint-Maurice, which was part of the deanery of Annecy. Today, 4 fortified houses remain from the Middle Ages:

  • Marcellaz
  • Faramaz
  • Vernay
  • Pieuillet

In Crêt-Dieu, you can also find a necropolis and tombs dating from this period.

The legend of Marcellaz-Albanais

During the 17th century, only one of the four chapels was still standing. In 1712, even before the church was rebuilt in 1843, a hideous head was discovered in one of the walls of the bell tower. Legend has it that it was part of the body of a lord who was guillotined for murdering the parish vicar. The latter had caught him courting the daughter of the farmer of his hunting lodge. He said that in trying to condemn this act, he was mortally wounded by the lord’s rifle.

Marcellaz-Albanais, a commune where life is good

At the beginning of 2023, the commune of Marcellaz-Albanais entered the top 10 of communes with less than 2,000 inhabitants where it is good to live. Between the pleasant rural setting and the many services available to Marcellazians, it must be said that the commune is rather attractive.

Services and shops available on site

Among the services and shops available to the inhabitants of Marcellaz-Albanais, we find

    • A library, open on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6.30pm, Wednesdays from 10am to 12.30pm, Fridays from 3pm to 6.30pm and Saturdays from 10am to 12pm

    • The weekly market, which is held on Saturday morning

    • Health professionals, such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and general practitioners
    • Carpenters, plumbers, masons
    • Earthworkers, geothermal engineers
    • Market gardeners, farmers
    • Hairdressers, nail stylists
    • Caterer, delicatessen owner
    • Designers, painters, potters

The infrastructures of Marcellaz-Albanais

As far as housing is concerned, it is essentially composed of main and individual residences. Thus, 85.6% of the inhabitants own their house or flat. In fact, there are 2 schools in the commune. One is public, the other private. They provide schooling for more than 180 children.

Associations and sports activities in Marcellaz

Marcellaz-Albanais being a dynamic commune, you can easily find activities to do. For example, children can take advantage of the town’s skate park.

Sports activities in Marcellaz-Albanais

Apart from the clubs and associations, you can go hiking and mountain biking in Marcellaz. It must be said that the rural setting is particularly suitable for these activities. For walking, we recommend the Euphorbia path. This 4 km route lasts about 1h30. The start is on the other side of the roundabout, in the main town.

enfants en VTT sur un chemin forestierFor mountain biking, you can take the Bois au Loup and Bois Ronds routes directly from Marcellaz-Albanais.

The first one is 14 km long and has a positive difference in altitude of 375 metres, while the second is 16 km long and has a positive difference in altitude of 260 metres. These two routes are considered easy.

The village associations

There are 14 associations in the commune of Marcellaz-Albanais:

  • Club Soleil d’Automne – 3rd age

  • A.C.C.A – hunting

  • “Shu No” les Patoisants – patois group

  • La monnaie dans tous ses états – Museum of counterfeit money

  • Aider Sœur Anne-Françoise in the mission in India – charity association

  • OGEC – Catholic School Management Organisation

  • APEL – Parents’ Association of the Léon Marie public school

  • APE – Parents’ Association of the public school

  • Marcellaz Loisirs Culture – Various leisure activities

  • Chœurs à Cœurs – Choir

  • Maki s’envole – flying trapeze

  • F.C.M.A – Football

  • Judo Club

  • Les Snaillers d’la Yaute – Motor sport