Visit Annecy differently : The Greeters of the lake

You are coming to Annecy on holiday and would like to discover the town, its secrets and its unlikely places. A new community , the Greeters of the lake, offers you a unique and free discovery of the city.

What is a greeter?

This Anglo-Saxon term literally means “host” or “welcoming committee”. A greeter is an inhabitant of a town or a member of an association who offers to spend a few hours with a tourist to help him or her discover the town with a different perspective. For a destination like Annecy, which has many must-see places, museums and natural sites, this is very useful.

The philosophy of the greeters is first and foremost hospitality, the pleasure of sharing what they love about their territory. The service is free. The programme of the visit can be prepared in advance according to the tastes and affinities of the visitor.

This new model of participatory tourism is set to develop as it offers independent and tailor-made programmes all over the world.

Why use a greeter to visit Annecy?

Firstly, because the greeter knows all the good tips: where to park, where to eat, where to stay? Secondly, he or she will be able to get off the beaten track, such as the Old Town and the Pâquier, to offer alternative discoveries: a walk in the Roc de Chère nature reserve, a hike on Mont Veyrier or the discovery of Annecy in the Gallo-Roman era. The site, which proposes to put people in touch with each other, enables the common points between the visitor and the guide to be refined. A gastronomy enthusiast will find himself with a gourmet.

The Greeters of Lake Annecy

For your next holiday in Annecy, you’re in luck: a community of greeters is based in the region.

They are eight real enthusiasts who propose themes according to their affinities: bike rides, kitchens and wine bars, hikes around Annecy, nightlife…

You will be able to share good moments while discovering good addresses and anecdotes about our beautiful region. The greeters of the lake often speak several languages and will help you discover Annecy as they would for friends.

To do this, simply register on the Annecy Greeters website.