Why the Annecy city portal?

This tourist portal is present on the web with the aim of helping you discover Annecy and informing you about the Annecy area.

You will be able to prepare your stay in Annecy, by choosing your centres of interest, by reserving your accommodation as well as your journey and your means of transport once there.

Presentation, history and photos of the main towns, monuments and tourist places in the Annecy region on the pages of the site, which allows you to prepare your holiday in advance to organise your stay.

The Mag section is reserved for news: sports, cultural or artistic events, we will try to present you the main activities taking place in Annecy, as well as important information about life in Annecy. And for once, you won’t have the excuse of not being informed 3 days after the date of the event!

We also cover all the communes in the Annecy basin that are included in the Greater Annecy area.

A complete guide to all the summer and winter sports you can do is also provided.

If you’ve enjoyed Annecy so much and want to move, you’ll find guides to property prices, higher education institutions, help with finding a job and everything to do with administrative procedures.

Enjoy your visit, theAnnecy-Ville.fr team