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A passionate approach to promote a unique setting in France

We offer you good deals for a great holiday in Annecy and Le Mag informs you of new trends and local news.

A complete tourist portal to discover Annecy

Whether you’re a sports fan, a history buff or simply a fan of lazing around, our town offers a multitude of activities. The most difficult thing is to make a choice. Our portal will guide you to discover the most beautiful beaches of the lake, the markets, the Old Town and the villages around Annecy. You will choose the great shows not to be missed: Lake Festival, Descent of the Alps, Alpine Christmas, Animated Film Festival…

The lake and mountains of Annecy are a wonderful playground for sports, we will help you choose from over 30 disciplines. A complete guide to the ski resorts is also available.

The Mag: all the news from Annecy

The Le Mag section covers local news: sporting, cultural and artistic events, presenting the main activities taking place in Annecy, as well as important information about life in Annecy. We also decipher the subjects that are being debated in a totally independent manner.

A local player alongside local businesses

Our small, dynamic company is committed to supporting Annecy’s economic life.

A local company

First and foremost, we have chosen to live and work in Annecy. We are based in Cran-Gevrier, with 3 full-time employees to edit this website, which has been in existence since 2008. The best reward for this substantial investment: our 103,000 visitors in October 2020.

A commercial offer to increase the visibility of Annecy’s economic players

Our objective is to introduce a new clientele to the products and services of local companies, by promoting local production and consumption. Our commercial advisor works closely with the shopkeepers by proposing a price offer adapted to the context of the health crisis. Our commitment is also a response to the power of supermarkets and online retail giants. Our offer, which has no local equivalent, does what the institutions do not: responsiveness, partnership and customised offer. The site is totally independent of the institutions: town hall, department, tourist offices.

The city of Annecy is our DNA, it is also our name. Do not hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your visit, TheAnnecy-Ville.frteam