Welcome Everybody !

Welcome to the unofficial site of Annecy in the Haute Savoie !

Do you want to discover the towns, the villages, the surrounding mountains, the Lake of Annecy and its nature ? This is possible thanks to us !

Annecy-town.com has also special folders : skiing, swimming, what can we do on Sunday and many other advices that can help you in your researches.

We treat this site to everything that touches our area, or on tourism, business, culture, entertainment, sports, arts …

Enjoy your visit on our website about the beautiful city Annecy and hope to see you soon in our dear Haute Savoie !

The team Annecy-town.com

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  5. Half the time you may lose yourself staring at scenery Lac d Annecy has a year-round gossamer haze but there s a breathless amount of activities to do and places to see. This is Europe s outdoor sports capital after all.

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