Meythet is in Haute Savoie in the Rhone Alps is a town in the community of Annecy, which lies 3km to the west of Annecy.

It extends over 320 hectares at an altitude of 450 meters, Its inhabitants are « Meythésanes » and « Meythésans ».

With these 8000 people, Meythet is one of the largest cities in the distric of Annecy, with Cran Gevrier, Seynod and Annecy le Vieux…

Meythet occupies 3.4% of the surface of Annecy and belongs to  the towns called the “right bank” of the suburbs. It also includes the airport of Annecy.

Cultural facilities

Library Louise Michel

The library of 780 sq meters on two levels is on Francois Vernex Street and has more than 22,000 documents including 900 DVDs and 2500 CDs. But it is also a workspace and multimedia consultation center.

Auditorium Le Rabelais

The theater Le Rabelais is located on the road of Frangy and participates actively in the cultural life of the town. It offers numerous shows and concerts for children and adults.
More on the website :  Le Rabelais

Facilities and clubs

French Alpine Club

The French Alpine Club of Meythet is a small hiking, climbing and Alpine sports club with over 350 members. Join the club if you want to play sports in nature or in the mountains with other people.

Martial arts club

The martial arts club enables adults and children 4 years to learn and practice judo, Self-Jujitsu from 14 years of age and Aikido from 7 years. The activities take place in the room METEORE, 27 route de Frangy.
Phone : +33 450 460 126
Email :

Club Soccer – ESM

The Es Meythet enables the discovery, introduction and practice of football for children from 6 years of age. Whether for training or competitions, « L’étoile sportive de Meythet » welcomes everyone, boy or girl of any age.

Rugby Club

The rugby club Meythet welcomes children from 5 years up to seniors. The stadium and the club are located on rue de l’Aérodrome. You can reach them by phone at +33 450 222 486.

Tennis Club

The tennis club allows everyone to play and have fun playing for leisure but also to compete with other players and other clubs. It is also possible to take tennis lessons in groups or in public. The tennis club is located on « chemin du Vieux Meythet ».
Phone : +33 450 222 722.

And also

  • Gymnastic course : 1.8 km with apparatus : Rue Barrade
  • Venues Football : « Cité des Creusettes » et « Allée Clos de Bellevue »
  • Range Street and ramp skating : « Chemin de la Fruitière »
  • Multi-structure of sport « Agorespace » : « Rue des Grillons »


Pizzeria Pepone : Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 2.30 pm and from 7pm to 10.30pm

Equipment and Services

Annecy Airport

Home – ITC 74
8 route Côte Merle
74370 Metz Tessy
Phone : +33 450 273 006
Fax : +33 450 273 983
Mail :


Wednesday morning.
The section of Francois Vernex street between No. 11 and the junction with the “route de Frangy”, is closed to traffic on Wednesday mornings.


Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12am and from 1.30pm to 5.30pm
Saturday from 8.30am to 12am.
2 avenue du Stade
74960 Meythet
Phone : +33 450 220 019.

Official Websites

Town Council