The Thiou : a river of Haute Savoie

The Thiou is a 3.5 km river that finds its source in the Lake of Annecy subsequently rejoining the Fier.

The smallest river in France, the Thiou born at two locations in Lake : The channel of Vassé (between Paquier and gardens of Europe) and found the bridge of love and port (from the Jardins de l’Europe and Marquisats) or there are boats trips on the lake (The Libellule, The Cygne, The Savoy …).

It then crosses uncovered and covered the old prisons, then continues through the Old Town, Bishop’s Wharf and a wooded area a kilometre and a half, before crossing the town of Cran-Gevrier and flowing into the Fier.

The Thiou is ideal for walks because of the development made on the banks. Lake front in down town Cran-Gevrier, through down town and the quiet places in the semi forest, Thiou ensures a diverse and enjoyable ride.