Thonon les Bains is a town which is located on the border of the south shore of Lake Geneva in the northern French Chablais. It is the sub-prefecture of Haute Savoie.

The city has more than 32,000 people called  « thononais » and « thononaises » . Thonon stretches over 1600 hectares at an altitude between 370 and 570 meters.

The towns bordering Thonon les Bains are Anthy sur Léman, Allinges, Armoy, Champanges, and Féternes. It is located 9km from Evian, 31km from Annemasse and 74 km from Annecy.

Within the town of Thonon, the Dranse river cross from the top of Chablais, and there is also a pond called « Pont de la Dame.  »

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