Argonay is a small village in Haute Savoie founded around the eleventh century, called Argonnex when it was created. The town was renamed around 1970.

This small village is situated on the Fier (largest river in the suburb of Annecy) just next to the town of Pringy, and Saint Martin de Bellevue. It is situated 5 km north of Annecy, near the national road, going to La Roche-sur-Foron, Annemasse and Geneva.

Argonay, whose current mayor is Mr. Andre Pellarin, has more than 2,200 people called the « Argonauts » and a communal area of 560 hectares. The town is twinned with Chateau l’Eveque in the department of Dordogne in the Aquitaine region.


  • A nursery
  • A school
  • An high school
  • A library
  • Two clubs : La Coupole and the Club de l’Abbaye
  • A clinic (also excellent) : The Lake’s Clinic
  • Two football fields and five tennis courts


  • Dassault Aviation
  • Maped
  • SNR
  • Brake France

Official Website

Website : Argonay’s Town Council