The Auditorium of Seynod

The auditorium is Seynod a theater and cinema of 400 seats.

It also has a large stage which allows it to adapt to all forms of entertainment possible.
The auditorium is located in downtown of Seynod incorporated into the Town Hall.
It is open to a wide audience.

Featuring exceptional acoustic qualities and equally excellent sound and light equipment, auditorium Seynod is able to receive power and Music Theatre performances of national and international quality.

The auditorium can also turn into a real viewing room for films, documentaries or even sporting events like World Cup football or rugby.
It has a beautiful screen of 10 x 5 meters and is equipped with advanced technology, digital sound with Dolby Digital sound broadcasting active bi-amplified, worthy of the most successful multiplexes.

And if you need to learn about this place very special cultural, administrative and technical in Seynod the Auditorium will be a great pleasure to satisfy your curiosity.

Facilities nearly

  • Free parking
  • Many shops
  • Place Saint Jean
  • Town Hall
  • Library and media

Address and opening hours

The reception and ticketing are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and on performance nights, a half-hour before show time.

Auditorium Seynod
City Hall
74603 SEYNOD
Phone : +33 450 521 646

Picture of the auditorium

Auditorium de Seynod