Saint Julien en Genevois

Saint Julien en Genevois is a town of 10.59 square kilometers of 11,019 people called the « Saint Juliennois » and the « Saint Juliennoise ». It is part of the township of « St Julien en Genevois – chef lieu » and the community of communes of Genevois. Located near the Swiss border, St Julien en Genevois is one of the three prefectures of Haute Savoie.


Four school groups

  • Francis Buloz
  • Les Pres de la Fontaine
  • Le Puy Saint-Martin
  • The school group of Thairy

Two colleges

  • The College Arthur Rimbaud
  • The College Jean-Jacques Rousseau

An high school

  • The General and technological school Madame de Stael.

Businesses and city activities

It is in this town that is located on Macumba, one of the greatest centers of nightlife in France, a casino games, the Fabre laboratories, but also the logistics Pellet Moine and packaging Bio Mt Blanc.

Scouts and Guides of France also have a mixed group « Saint Peter & Paul en Genevois » in this city.

Finally, the hospital « Sud-Léman-Valserine » is located in St. Julien en Genevois.

The town also has a library.

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