The Mount Veyrier

Mount Veyrier is a mountain located on the eastern shore of the Lake of Annecy in the towns of Annecy, Villaz, Veyrier du Lac.

Its highest point is 1291 meters. This mountain massif of the terminals, overlooking the Lake of Annecy and the surrounding area and offers a unique perspective on the basin Annecy

Until 1930, a cable connected Veyrier du Lac (hamlet of Combe) at the Hotel Mont Baron. This cable is the day today in ruins and will very soon for the local “cinémathèque du Pays de Savoie”.

Pictures of Mont Veyrier

Mount Veyrier 4
Picture of Mount Veyrier from the small port of Annecy-le-vieux

Mount Veyrier 2

Picture taken from Annecy
Mount Veyrier 3

Picture of Mount Veyrier since St. Eustache

Mount Veyrier 1