The markets of Annecy

Annecy is a city that offers a number of markets where you can go shopping and so be able to eat fresh and buy clothes, accessories and everything you can find a market.
You will find a market day in Annecy from Tuesday to Sunday.


  • Market to the place of « Romains » 8am to 7pm, market of various products and food
  • Market in the Old Town : 7am to 1pm food market.


  • From 7am to 1pm, food market in Novel.


  • Market in the old town of Annecy from 7am to 1pm.


  • Taine Boulevard, from 7am to 1pm, food market and various products.
  • Félix Petit street
  • Nicollet Street


  • From 7am to 1pm, and various food market in the old city.


For more information, contact the trade craft of Annecy +33 450 338 796