A city with 12 towns included in its suburbs, Annemasse is located near Geneva (approximately 2 kilometres), Thonon, 31 kilometres, and Evian and Annecy, 43 and 45 kilometres. The city covers 498 hectares with an altitude between 400 and 500 meters.

Towns that border Annemasse include Ville-la-Grand, Ambilly, Véthraz Monthoux, Cranves Sales, Etrembières or Gaillard and with Machilly, Saint Cergues, Juvigny, Lucinges and Bonnes, consist of Annemasse’s suburbs.

The town has two mountains, Mount Salève (altitude 1300 meters) and Mount Voirons (altitude 1450 meters), and the Arve river runs through it. Annemasse is the entrance to the Arve Valley !

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