Sports facilities and clubs in Annecy le Vieux

If you want to practice or learn a sport, Annecy-le-Vieux is an ideal place to do so. There are many clubs, pitches and gyms and you can practice a wide range of sports: rugby, sailing, football, tennis, rowing and baseball. There are also a large number of sports halls in the Annecy area.

Glaisins sports complex

The Glaisins complex is the centre of sport in Annecy-le-Vieux. Handball, basketball, baseball and many other sports are played there. There is a baseball field, three outdoor rugby pitches and a handball and basketball court inside the gymnasium where there is also a climbing wall. This complex is home to many sports clubs.

Rugby fields and club

The rugby club is very well known and has 3 rugby pitches, one of which is synthetic, and is one of the best clubs in the region. The club offers courses and workshops for children and is present in many competitions with its numerous teams (adults and children).

Gymnasiums and gyms

Here are the different gyms in Annecy-le-Vieux: Barattes, Évires, Henry Wallon, Le Bray, Pommaries (refurbished in 2006). There is also a very large gymnastics club, La Salésienne, which offers courses and workshops for children, from 3 years old.

Stadium and football club

The football stadium in Annecy le Vieux is located in the Petit Port area near the Albigny beach. The club offers courses and training courses for young people.

Tennis courts and club

The TCAV is recognised as the leading training club in the league and is located in the Petit Port area near the football stadium. The club offers training courses, lessons as well as internal and external tournaments.

Nautical club and sailing school

The UNCA is located on the shores of Lake Annecy at the end of the Albigny beach in the direction of Petit Port. You will find group courses, private lessons, sea classes…

Rowing club

The club is also located near the Petit Port, just like the sailing school. The CSAV has a competition section for young people and a leisure section for adults.