Climbing in Annecy

Many sports are available around Lake Annecy, climbing will allow you in this great playground to find magnificent spots to admire the view on the lake and the surrounding reliefs.

The most beautiful climbing sites in Annecy

Climbing is best done in spring and autumn. In summer, you can go up to the Aravis or Bauges mountains to cool off. In winter, it is possible with a favourable weather during all the ascent.

Here is a selection of nice climbing spots.


Escalade Angon TalloiresThis site is suitable for children and beginners and offers a 10-metre cliff with cracks and numerous wide holds. Access to the top is easy to install ropes. A visit to the Angon waterfall with its footbridge is nearby and highly recommended.

Access: to get to the site, take the waterfall path, halfway along, the cliff is on your right.

The Semnoz – Bois Brûlé

Le Semnoz - Bois Brûlé EscaladeTake the road that leads to the Semnoz resort via the Col de Leschaux. This equipped site offers a beautiful cliff to progress with about thirty routes which measure up to 20 meters in height.

The western exposure allows you to be cool in summer.

Access: Take the RD10 towards the Semnoz. Park in a dirt car park after the 5th hairpin bend.

Les Grandes Suites

Les Grandes Suites EscaladesThis spot is surely one of the most beautiful, located above Veyrier-du-Lac, it overlooks Lake Annecy. This limestone cliff has over a hundred routes. The exposure is South South West and the difficulty quite high.

Access : Direction Veyrier-du-Lac, one kilometre after the crossroads leave the road to Menthon-Saint-Bernard, turn left onto the Corniche road and then park at 44 route de la Corniche.

Le Biclop

Le Biclop Annecy EscaladeThis cliff, less than 5 minutes from Annecy town centre, is very popular. The exposure is to the South, it can be very hot in summer, and the lanes on the right are sheltered from bad weather.

Access: head towards Veyrier-du-Lac, on leaving Annecy-le-Vieux, park in the car parks on the left of the road. The small path leads to the 3 lanes in 5 minutes.

La Mandallaz

La Mandallaz escaladeThe climbing routes of La Mandallaz are the last Jura chain near Annecy. The routes range from 5 to 8a/8b.

Access: from Annecy follow La Balme-de-Sillingy then park at the cemetery and take the path on the right. At the top of the hill, a path will lead you to the start of the routes.

It is essential to wear a helmet because of falling rocks.

La Tournette

Escalade La TournetteThis cliff is one of the most beautiful climbing spots in the Alps, consisting of a set of light grey limestone slabs with more than 40 routes of varying lengths rated from 5C to 7B. The summit culminates at 2 351 m with a unique panorama of the Bauges massif, Lake Annecy and the Mont Blanc massif.

Access: Go to Montmin, follow the path to the Col de l’Aulp, park near the farm, follow the path to Tournette. The path crosses to the right above the rocky bars, go down to the large flat at the foot of the walls.

Safety and difficulty

If you practice via a club, the equipment will be provided, otherwise safety equipment is compulsory: helmets, quickdraws, ropes and harness.

The essential equipment to practice climbing :

  • A pair of climbing shoes adapted to your feet.
  • A harness to try on before you buy to make sure it fits you well.
  • A sturdy 9.5mm diameter rope that is twice the height you plan to climb. Typically an 80 metre rope for cliffs and a 40 metre rope for gyms is required.
  • A helmet to wear outdoors in all situations.
  • A belay system for your partner.
  • Carabiners, quickdraws for belaying when climbing a route and a lanyard for handling at the top of a route.

All levels of difficulty are present, from beginners 3 to expert 8. The length of the routes goes from the climbing school (15 to 20 metres) to the big route (maximum 300 metres).

Many climbing spots are accessible by bike from Annecy, it’s more convenient to park.

Climbing clubs in Annecy

Climbing in a club allows you to be supervised and advised in terms of safety, several clubs are located in the region:

  • Club Alpin Français d’Annecy: 17 Rue du Mont Blanc, 74000 Annecy Tel : 04 50 09 82 09
  • ASPTT Annecy: 1, Allée des Cyclades Cran Gevrier, 74 960 ANNECY Tel : 06 25 40 69 95
  • Annecy Escalade: all the information on
  • Planète Grimpe: 12 route des Creuses, 74 940 Cran-Gevrier Tel :
  • Gums Annecy: Polyèdre, 4 Impasse Saint-Jean, 74 600 Seynod
  • CAF Meythet : 4 rue de l’aérodrome, Meythet, 74960 Annecy Tel :
  • En passant par la montagne: this club promotes climbing for all: 44 rue de la l’Eglise, Le Bouchet 74 310 Servoz Tel:

Climbing in a bouldering gym

Salle de bloc à AnnecyThe bouldering hall allows you to learn to climb in optimal safety conditions. More experienced climbers can also practice on difficult routes. This is a fun way to climb without having to be roped up. Thick mats are present to cushion landings.

In all seasons, you can also enjoy a bar and restaurant area and climbing lessons. Several bouldering gyms are open in the Annecy region:

  • Cortigrimpe 74, Parc Activité des Longeray 74370 Metz-Tessy, Annecy Nord (Behind the BOTANIC shop).
  • Space Bloc, 87 Route des Marais de Culas, 74330 Sillingy.
  • Bloc Trotters, 67 impasse des Marais, 74370 Argonay.

Video of climbing the Zig Zag route on Mont Baron near Annecy