Kitesurfing on Lake Annecy

Kitesurfing in Annecy is a recent sport. Practised on lakes or by the sea, kitesurfing requires a constant strong wind and a good physical condition. Lake Annecy is a pleasant spot to practice this sport despite some constraints due to the frequentation of the lake.

Kitesurfing equipment

The equipment for kitesurfing on Lake Anne cy consists of a light board and a sail with bladders to prevent it from sinking in case of a fall. A harness, lines and a bar complete the equipment. A life jacket is compulsory.

  • Board
  • Sail
  • Harness
  • Bar
  • Lifejacket

The idea of this demanding sport is to be pulled fast enough by the sail to glide across the water. With a little practice, it is then possible to perform tricks several metres above the water.

There is no kitesurfing club in Annecy and no place to hire the necessary equipment, so it is essential to have your own equipment.

For kitefoil enthusiasts, this practice is apparently no longer allowed on Lake Annecy. But the regulations are unclear about this sport and it is not uncommon in heavy weather to see boards popping out of the water thanks to their foil at the Albigny beach in Annecy-le-Vieux.

How to kitesurf in Annecy?

Kitesurfing on Lake Annecy has some particularities that you have to take into account.

  • The wind: the local wind, the bise, rarely blows strongly and not consistently enough. You should therefore take the slightest opportunity to go out on the lake.
  • Facilities: the lake shore is quite congested with traffic, large trees and many roads. This requires good control to stay on the water.
  • Traffic: during the summer season, there are so many users on the lake: paddle, pedal boats, divers, sailboats that kitesurfing is not possible for safety reasons.

If you still want to practice in summer, you can move to Lake Geneva which is much larger and therefore more suitable for this sport.

During the other seasons, equipped with a good wetsuit, four sites are to be preferred to practice kitesurfing near Annecy:

  • The beach of Doussard, being careful not to enter the nature reserve of the end of the lake where access is forbidden.
  • The beach of Albigny in Annecy-le-Vieux outside the summer season
  • The beach at Saint-Jorioz outside the summer season is well oriented in windy weather. This site is recommended for intermediate level surfers.
  • The rowing boarding area at Sévrier: the launch is tricky due to the presence of large trees, but it is the only spot that is allowed in summer all day. The traverse (north wind) comes on the left when facing the lake.

Good wind!

Want something else? Sporting activities in Annecy, if you prefer bodybuilding, you will find many gyms in Annecy!

Video of kitesurfing on Lake Annecy