The Glières plateau

The Glières plateau is a natural site located at an altitude of 1451 m. It is above all a place of memory of the French Resistance. In summer and winter, you can practice many sports on this plateau. For gourmets, there are excellent restaurants at altitude where you can taste delicious Haute-Savoie specialities.

The natural site of the Glières plateau

Plateau des Glières en Haute-SavoieLocated 45 minutes north-east of Annecy, this site is accessible by a fairly winding and steep road. But once you arrive, you will discover a natural site of great beauty. It is a limestone plateau which alternates between forests, peat bogs, hay meadows, pastures and large lawns. Its Natura 2000 classification indicates the quality of the biodiversity that characterises it.

The Maquis des Glières: a major site of the Resistance

In January 1944, around 465 men gathered to receive parachute drops of weapons for the Resistance fighters in the region. The German army, with the support of the French Militia, attacked. Captain Anjot succeeded Tom Morel, who had fallen on 10 March 1944, to lead the Resistance. The fighting was fierce and 129 maquisards lost their lives in this high place of the Resistance. The order to disperse was given. Afterwards, the maquis was reconstituted and Haute-Savoie liberated itself on 19 August 1944, a unique case in France.

Monument de Morette au Plateau des Glières

The Glières plateau is therefore the symbol of the values of the Resistance. The National Necropolis of Glières and the National Monument to the Resistance bear witness to their sacrifices.

Playing sports at Les Glières

Ski de fond au plateau des GlièresIn summer, walks in the mountain pastures and family hikes are on the agenda. The plateau is not very steep, which makes for easy walks. In winter, cross-country skiing is possible with more than 29 km of trails on 2 sites: the Plaine de Dran and the Monument des Glières. Levels range from beginners to experts.

An educational area called “jardin d’enfant” allows for an introduction to cross-country skiing. Numerous events are organised: the French championship of Nordic ski clubs in March, Nordic nights every Thursday to ski with a headlamp after work. The subsoil of the Glières plateau offers fans of speleology fifteen or so caves to explore.

By reservation, you can take a dog sled ride with the professional musher of the Nordic domain of the plateau.

Snowshoeing routes

Snowshoeing is widely practised on the plateau with numerous itineraries. We suggest a few routes:

Raquettes au plateau des GlièresThe historical discovery circuit: The departure is from the Nordic Centre, follow the sign “Chez Merlin” then “Chez Régina” by taking the footpath on the right. The return loop passes in front of the Sonnerat chalet, following the direction of the Glières Monument. This itinerary is also easy to do on foot.

Plateau des Glières boucle de Dran en raquettesThe Dran loop: This route, which is accessible to all, starts at the Nordic Centre and takes the direction of the Dran plain. You will pass in front of the restaurant “Chez Gautard” then in front of “Notre-Dame-des-Neiges” and the chapel. The return journey is via the Nordic centre. It takes two hours and 200 metres of positive difference in altitude to complete this route.

A nice walk

Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges plateau des GlièresThis lovely 10 km loop starts from the large car park on the plateau. You follow the south-western direction towards c. You then reach a second, smaller car park and climb through the forest to a pretty plateau, passing the chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. You can try to see the tracks of animals if there is still snow. This route can be done all year round.

Eating at the Plateau des Glières

Beignets de pommes de terreNo less than 8 restaurants and gîtes offer local specialities after a nice hike or a morning of cross-country skiing. We particularly recommend that you try the potato fritters at La Constance. In restaurants and on farms you can buy the delicious Reblochon cheese. This emblematic cheese of the Aravis valley is the main ingredient of the tasty tartiflette, a local culinary speciality.

The Glières plateau bus

The Glières bus line offers 3 shuttles per day from Annecy on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Departures are at 8.15am, 9.15am and 10.15am and returns at 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm, until 29 March.

Fare: €1.50 per trip or €3 per return.

Video presentation of the Plateau des Glières