Duingt is a small village in Haute Savoie of 870 inhabitants spread over an area of 435 hectares at an altitude of 452 meters. The village is located 12 km south of Annecy (at the end of the lake) and 32 km from Albertville.

This town was named « Deginum » in the twelfth century, « Duing-Dhérée » in the eighteenth century,  and in Latin it means a fortified mound.

It has been inhabited since prehistoric times as evidenced by the piles found in places now covered by water of the Lake of Annecy.

Tourist attractions and Monuments

  • The area of Châteauvieux and the castle of Ruphy (XIth century) is situated on a peninsula.
  • The castle Dhéré on the road of Entrevernes is from the XVth century.
  • The streets of the old village of Duingt. Guided tours in summer.
  • Grotto  and panoramic viewpoint of Notre Dame du Lac. Beautiful panorama of the Lake of Annecy.
  • Neo-Gothic church of 1903.


Room Grenette

Located Grenette place (next to the church), approximately 310 sq ft room that can hold 327 people standing legally – 200 seated guests.

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