Grotto and waterfall of Seythenex

A visit to the cave and waterfall of Seythenex is a good idea during your holiday around Lake Annecy. This natural site allows you to discover a network of galleries and gutters under the ground.

Discover the Seythenex waterfall

This discovery tour is located after the end of Lake Annecy. You have to pass Doussard and take the direction of Faverges, following Seythenex.

You will take footbridges and paths over the waters of the Saint Ruph torrent. This watercourse originates in the Bauges massif at the Col d’Orgeval. The waterfall is very spectacular, 45 metres high, it digs giant potholes. The water then flows more calmly into Lake Annecy. You can particularly appreciate this refreshing spectacle in summer.

For the more adventurous, there is a 150-metre long zip line that flies over the Seythenex waterfall at a height of 40 metres.

Explore the Seythenex cave

It is an intense experience to go underground. This site offers the only caving gallery open to the general public in Haute-Savoie. The underground network measures one kilometre and 250 metres are accessible. You will go through numerous galleries and underground passages. The visit is accompanied by a guide. It lasts about 35 minutes.

You will also be able to watch a film that explains how water-powered mills work. The site has a picnic area and a restaurant where you can enjoy Annecy’s culinary specialities.

Practical information:

  • Address: 575 Route des Grottes, 74210 Seythenex
  • Price: Adults: 8 € and children from 4 to 12 years: 6 €.

Close to the cave and the waterfall of Seythenex, you can discover the flora and fauna of Lake Annecy by visiting the National Nature Reserve of the End of Lake Annecy. If you like waterfalls, the hike to the Angon waterfall is magnificent.

Tourist video of the cave and waterfall of Seythenex