Sledging around Annecy

Tobogganing is a winter sport, but also a summer sport with summer sledging, suitable for families. Often free, it is accessible within a few kilometres of Annecy. We advise you to find the best tobogganing runs and make the most ofwinter in Annecy.

The sledging sites

The ideal mountain for sledging near Annecy is without doubt the Semnoz. Depending on whether you go straight to the top or just halfway up to Les Puisots, it will take you between 15 and 25 minutes to reach the sledging slopes. There are two sites for sledging in Semnoz:

Les Puisots

This place is very pleasant, located 15 minutes from Annecy and very sunny. The bottom of the descent ends on the flat, which makes it possible to secure the descents. You can easily have a snack or a picnic in this large natural esplanade.

The forest at the top of the slope allows you to walk in the white of nature. You can follow the tracks of wild animals on the powder. You can park in the Puisots car park and along the forest road. The only drawback is that the lack of snow is frequent with global warming.

The Semnoz ski resort

The Semnoz ski resort, the closest to Annecy, with its toboggan runs, is completely safe with nets. A free conveyor belt will save you the trouble of walking back up. Near the cross-country chalet, you will find tables for eating and a large car park for parking. The site is close to the Nordic ski chalet. You can go for a walk in the forest afterwards.

The Col de la Forclaz site

At the foot of this small family ski resort located above Talloires-Montmin, a beautiful toboggan run is proposed. It is equipped with a net and toilets nearby. If you go a little further into the Bauges or Aravis mountains, to La Clusaz, Grand-Bornand or Plateau des Glières, all of these places have good sledging runs.

The Colorado Luge in La Plagne: a must

With the dedicated chairlift, you can slide down 1,500 m on this exceptional course for sledging enthusiasts, with the added bonus of a splendid view of Mont Blanc. The sled and helmet are provided by the resort.

Price: 10 € per run,minimum height: 1.40 m.

Unusual: Night sledging in Avoriaz

With your ski pass, you will go down the 3 500 m long Crôt piste at night with a 700 m difference in height in 45 minutes. The sledge and headlamps are provided. You will be accompanied by a guide from the resort.

Price: 20 € from 16 years old.

Precautions for sledging

To ensure that sledging remains a pleasure for you and your children, we recommend that you choose your site with the following advice in mind:

  • The site should be well exposed to the sun so that you don’t get cold, especially if it is windy or the snow is wet.
  • The slope should be reasonable so that you can stop on your own.
  • If the sled run ends in front of an obstacle, it should be equipped with nets at the end of the run.
  • The site is more pleasant if it allows you to play with the snow after the runs and have a snack.
  • If there is a lot of traffic, the slope should be moved to the sides to avoid collisions with the downhillers.
  • If the snow starts to run out, beware of the rocks that can graze.

Choosing your sled

When choosing a sled, consider the following:

  • The sled must be adapted to your height. If it is too short, your legs will be on the outside, which can quickly become uncomfortable.
  • A simple braking system is useful in case of obstacles or when turning.
  • Plastic sleds are the cheapest and lightest.

Summer sledging near Annecy

Many winter sports resorts have a summer sledding activity. It is a sliding sport that provides great sensations caused by multiple turns.

How does summer sledging work?

When there is no snow, the summer sledging track is closed. It is made of metal or concrete. The sleds are equipped with bearings and a progressive braking system, which makes it possible to adjust the braking to the turns and the slope. The automatic lift is integrated into the circuit. Some of the sleds have two seats and are suitable for young children.

Precautions for summer sledding

Some simple rules:

  • Do not put your arms out to the sides of the sled.
  • Do not touch the track if it is made of metal, as it is hot in summer.
  • Do not stop and get out before the finish line.
  • Adapt your speed in the turns.

Where can you go sledding in the summer near Annecy?

During the summer season,the Semnoz resort offers a 850-metre summer sledging course. For great emotions, the turns are raised in the middle of the fir trees. The course includes two tunnels and a jump.

Children aged 3 to 8 must be accompanied.

You can also practice summer sledging a little far from Annecy in the following resorts:

Companies specialising in outdoor activities in Haute-Savoie offer descents in a Snowracer which is a snow kart with a large seat, a steering wheel, a brake and three skates. The activity takes place on the Motte and Plan slopes in La Clusaz and on the 6 km Lake slope in Grand Bornand. It can also be done at night with headlamps. The descents are supervised by instructors. There are also options to enjoy a tartiflette or an aperitif with local products(cheeses, charcuterie) after the sledging run.

Video of sledging down the Colorado Park in La Plagne