Mountain biking in Annecy

Mountain biking in the Annecy region is particularly interesting because of the mountainous terrain. This sport has more and more followers. We suggest the best spots in Annecy for mountain biking. Mountain biking is mainly practised in the mountains in the region by riding down forest trails and in resorts equipped with ski lifts.

Our advice for mountain biking in Annecy

Annecy is a magical place for mountain biking. Here we offer you all the information you need to discover how to ride a mountain bike in the region.

What is the right season to go riding?

  • April to June:the weather is good and the days are longer. The trails are not too crowded.
  • In July and August: the crowds are high, you should start early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Until October: good period, much less crowded.
  • November to March: You have to be very careful, as the paths are slippery with dead leaves, mud and sometimes snow.

Appropriate mountain bike clothing for the season

  • In summer: sportswear with suitable shoes, hydration, sunglasses and cream.
  • In winter: warm and light clothing is necessary, the head and hands must be protected from the cold.

The different mountain biking disciplines

  • Cross country: This is the classic and popular way of mountain biking. You go at your own pace and enjoy the nature.
  • Down Hill or downhill mountain biking: this is a variant that consists of descending the slopes as quickly as possible. The duration does not exceed 15 minutes because the effort to be provided is important.
  • The electric mountain bike: a small revolution since the effort of the ascent disappears, only the pleasure remains. The sensations are there. But the price of these little toys is still quite high.

Now that you are equipped, you must choose the best places.

The best mountain bike spots around Annecy

We have selected five great places that allow you to practice mountain biking in different ways:

The Semnoz

VTT SemnozThe Semnoz near Annecy has many trails. A great deal of traffic for a 15 km descent. A shuttle bus during the summer will drop you off with your mountain bike at the start of the trails.

The Mont Veyrier tour

VTT VeyrierThis beautiful 25 km loop takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete with a 240 m difference in altitude. Starting from Annecy-le-vieux, you have to climb the Bluffy pass and then ride in the Alex plain, you will have a magnificent view on the Menthon castle. The return journey is along the banks of the lake in the direction of Veyrier-du-lac.

The Fier loop

VTT boucle du FierThis 60 km itinerary with a 330 m difference in altitude starts in Cran-Gevrier, following the direction of Chavanod and then the route des Creuses to Rumilly. The return journey is from Pont Saint André along the Fier to Annecy.

The Mountain of Age

VTT La Montagne d'ÂgeThis route allows you to ride in a landscape that alternates between countryside and forest, the low altitude makes it possible to ride for as many people as possible.

La Clusaz

VTT La ClusazThe resort of La Clusaz welcomes you in summer with ski lifts. On the programme, 12 cross country runs and 3 downhill runs. You will be able to admire the Aravis valley, located 20 minutes from Annecy.

Video of the Semnoz mountain bike descent

The essentials in your mountain bike bag

In order to deal with all the variousproblems you may encounter during a mountain bike ride, we advise you to fill your backpack with :

  • A multi-tool
  • A tyre changer
  • A pump
  • An inner tube
  • A quick link
  • Derailleur hanger
  • A canvas tape
  • A water bottle
  • Cereal bars
  • A telephone
  • A small first aid kit
  • A lamp
  • A K-Way

The forests are big, if you go alone, don’t forget to tell your friends and family about your tour.

Mountain bike clubs in Annecy

  • Annecy cyclisme compétition : mountain bike school for 8 to 16 year olds
  • Club Alpin Français d’Annecy : mountain bike group
  • CCAV74 : cycling and mountain bike club in Annecy-le-Vieux
  • Cyclo VTT Passion de Haute-Savoie
  • ASPTT Annecy road and mountain bike club

Where to rent a mountain bike in Annecy?

If you want to hire a mountain bike in Annecy, whether for hiking, downhill or circuit biking, there are many places to go. This is also an opportunity to hire an electric mountain bike to test out these new bikes or to get back into the sport gently! There are many ways to hire a mountain bike. Some rental companies offer electrically-assisted mountain bikes that make certain steep routes more accessible.

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