Cuvat is a small village located 12 km north west of Annecy beside Charvonnex, La Balme de Sillingy and Pringy

Cuvat is a village which boasts a great location with its rural charm, but both close to the city and major highways.

Cuvat is part of the community of Villages of Cruseilles and the Township of Annecy. An area of 472 hectares for around 1,000 inhabitants, Cuvat peaks at about 650 meters.

The inhabitants of Cuvat are mainly those working near the towns of Geneva and Annecy, as shops and businesses in Cuvat are scarce !

Cultural facilities

  • Library
  • Cine-bus
  • Nursery and Primary schools
  • College Louis Armand of Cruseilles

Shops and boutiques

Hotel restaurant bar tobacco « Les Sapins »
The team of the hotel restaurant « Les Sapins » awaits you with bread and a tobacconist’s.
The restaurant is open for lunch everyday.
The bar and tobacconist’s is opened from 7am to 8am on Monday and Tuesday from 7am to 11.30pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am to 2pm.

Monuments and Sights

Church Cuvat

Decor designed by a Japanese painter Paul Foujino; alliance of modern and ancient.

The Mandallaz

This mountain dubbed « THE MOUNTAIN » rises to 929 meters, a height which curiously is not located at the tip. The highest point is at Cuvat and not the side of the commercial area of Epagny. The Mandallaz houses a green lung for the city of Annecy with its great forests.

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