Epagny is a city of Haute Savoie in the Rhone Alps located 8 km north-west of Annecy. The village stands at an altitude of 455m and covers an area of 673 hectares. The inhabitants of Epagny called the « épagniens » currently count more than 3500 for a density of 514 inhabitants per sq km.

You will also find the shopping centre Grand Epagny, the biggest commercial area of Annecy area where you can find all the useful and indispensable shops.

The neighbouring municipalities are : Pringy, Metz-Tessy, Meythet, Poisy and Sillingy

Cultural facilities


There are books for children and adults wishing to cultivate one’s mind at « 2, rue de la Republique » called « La Lyaude ». There are currently 8421 documents borrowed from  approximately 520 loans and renewed regularly.


There are a lot of classes today since Epagny currently has 9 grade school classes and 5 nursery classes.

Clubs and sports facilities

Judo Club

Judo club Epagny offers practicing and learning judo from the age of 5 / 6  until the orange belt. Find the judo club at « 2180 route de Ferrières ».

Dance Club

The dance club offers practicing and learning the rhythmic dance from 3 years of age and jazz for children and adults. Find the dance club at « 114 Rue de la Republique » and by phone at +33 450 226 886.

Aikido Club

The Aikido club offers Aikido from age 10. Find the club at « 74C rue de la Prairie » and by phone at +33 667 134 284.

Other clubs

There are also other sporting clubs in Epagny : basketball, skiing, gymnastics and model-making.

Services & Administration

Town Council

143, rue de la Republique
74330 Epagny

Phone : +33 450 220 471
Mail : info@epagny74.fr
Website : Town Hall


Epagny’s market is held every Saturday morning on the Place de la Mairie from 8am to 1pm.