Metz Tessy is a city of Haute Savoie in the Rhone Alps located 2km north of Annecy. Metz Tessy’s population is about 2500 inhabitants on a total area of 529 hectares to 640 meters on average.
This city is part of the community of Annecy and is situated near Epagny, Pringy, Annecy and Meythet.

The town was formerly known as Metz, but the change of name was due to problems with postal destinations. The airport of Annecy is also found in this town.

Services & Administration

Town Council

15 rue Grenette
74370 Metz Tessy
Phone : +33 450 271 672

Annecy Airport

Home – ITC 74
8 route Côte Merle
74370 Metz Tessy
Phone : +33 450 273 006
Fax : +33 450 273 983
Mail :

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Town Council