Cultural facilities

List of cultural facilities in the city of Annecy.

Libraries, museums, concert halls or movie, we present anything that will help you grow, or learn to party at Annecy.

Museums and exhibitions in Annecy

Church of the Visitation

The Church of the Visitation is a monument of the religious past of the city of Annecy. It is possible to visit every day of the year.
More information : Visitation

Palais de l’Isle

The Palais de l’Isle in Annecy is an exhibition center and performing located in the old prisons. There is throughout the year themed exhibitions on various artists.
More information : Palais de l’Isle

Castle of Annecy

The museum castle dominates the city and offers various exhibitions and shows throughout the year.

  • From June 1st to September 31st : From 10:30am to 6pm
  • From October 1st to May 31st : From 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm every day except Tuesday. Free admission every first Sunday.

Wildlife Park at Semnoz « Les Puisots »

The « zoo » of Puisots said « Grande Jeanne » is in the Semnoz few miles from downtown. You’ll find several pens with deer, deer, sheep, goats and other animals still in semi-freedom.

The Annecy’s aviaries

Located in the grounds of the Imperial palace and on the Ile Saint-Joseph, the aviaries are home to many birds and ducks, turkeys, peacocks … One is located very close to the lake to the beach Albigny and the other in the street from the station.

Cinemas in Annecy


Cinema Décavision is the largest cinema in the city and has ten rooms and a video arcade and a fast food bar. You’ll find all the movies coming out on the big screen! It is attached to the mall Courier.


Located on the Place Saint Claire, this cinema specializes in art films & testing as well as foreign films. A great film for lovers of fine films!

Libraries in Annecy

  • Library Bonlieu
  • Novel Library
  • Library of Romains
  • Library Prairie

Concert halls and nightclubs in Annecy


The Arcadium is a concert hall in Annecy brand new that has emerged inside the sports stadium. The Arcadium is the structure that was missing in Annecy and will enable the city to host major events or may be present several thousand people. It found throughout the year many concerts, shows and events of all kinds.

More information :  Arcadium

The Brise Glace

The Brise Glace is a place where there are concert halls and rehearsal rooms in Annecy. Warm and friendly atmosphere await you !

More information : Brise Glace

The Pearl Afterwork

The Pearl afterwork previously named Matin Bleu is a new club fashion trends funk, hiphop, reggae … You’ll find it in Loverchy Avenue, between Esso and Intermarché. The box is open Fridays and Saturdays from 22h to 3h.

The Pop Plage

The Pop Plage is the trendy nightclub Annecy sounding house and techno. It is open every evening and offers many theme nights throughout the year. You will find this club on the shores of the Lake of Annecy and the Imperial Beach.

The Bull

The Garage

Piano Bar Duo


  • School, college and high school Saint Michel.
  • School and College of Saint Francois
  • School of Vaugelas
  • School Jules Philippe
  • Technical school Germain Sommeiller
  • Lycée Gabriel Fauré
  • Lycée Berthollet
  • College Beauregard
  • College des Tilleuils
  • College Balmettes
  • College des Barattes
  • College Raoul Blanchard