Cultural facilities

Find the cultural facilities of the city of Annecy. Libraries, museums, concert halls or cinemas, we present you everything that will allow you to cultivate yourself , party or learn in Annecy.

Museums and exhibitions in Annecy

Basilica of the Visitation

Basilique de la Visitation AnnecyThe Basilica of the Visitation is a historical monument of the religious past of the city of Annecy. It is possible to visit it every day of the year.

For more information: Basilica of the Visitation

Palace of the Isle Museum

Musée du Palais de l'Isle AnnecyThe Palais de l’Isle in Annecy is an exhibition and interpretation centre located in the old prison district. Throughout the year there are themed exhibitions on various artists.

More info at: Palais de l’Isle Museum

Annecy Castle Museum

Musée Château d'AnnecyThe castle museum overlooks the town and offers various exhibitions and shows throughout the year. It is open every day from 10.30 am to 6 pm from1st June to 30th and open from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm every day except Tuesday from 1st October to 31st May.

Free admission on the first Sunday of every month from October to May.

More info: Musée-Château d’Annecy

Grande Jeanne Animal Park in Semnoz

Parc animalier de la Grande Jeanne au SemnozThe Grande Jeanne zoo is located in the Semnoz, a few kilometres from the town centre. You will find several enclosures with deer, hinds, mouflons, ibexes and other animals in semi-liberty. The site is equipped with picnic tables. At the end of the park, you can cross the forest to discover a magnificent panorama of the Annecy basin. Young children should be well supervised.

Aviary of the Imperial

Volière à AnnecyLocated in the park of the Imperial Palace, this aviary is populated with many birds: ducks, turkeys and peacocks. It is located in the Charles Bosson park, near the lake, in the direction of the Albigny beach. You can then go past the port of Annecy-le-Vieux to admire the reed beds, where many birds nest.

Cinemas in Annecy

Pathé Décavision cinema

Cinéma Pathé DécavisionThe Pathé Décavision cinema is the largest cinema in the city. It has ten screens, as well as a video games room and a fast food bar. You will find all the films that are released on the big screen! It is located next to the Courrier shopping centre.

Nemours Cinema

Cinéma Nemours AnnecyLocated on the Place Sainte-Claire, the Nemours cinema specialises in art house and foreign films. A cinema for those who love beautiful films!

Libraries and games libraries in Annecy

  • Bonlieu library
  • Novel library
  • Bibliothèque des Romains
  • La Prairie Library

More information in Annecy Libraries

Concert halls and nightclubs in Annecy


L'arcadium à AnnecyThe Arcadium is a brand new concert hall in Annecy which has been built within the sports stadium. The Arcadium is the structure that was missing in Annecy and that will allow the city to host large-scale events where several thousand people can be present. There will be many concerts, shows and events of all kinds throughout the year.

More information : l’Arcadium

The Brise Glace

Le Brise Glace à AnnecyLe Brise Glace is a place where you can find concert halls and rehearsal rooms in Annecy. A warm and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed!

For more information: Le Brise Glace

Le Pop Plage

Le Pop Plage à AnnecyLe Pop Plage is Annecy’s trendy nightclub with a house and techno sound. It is open every night and offers many theme nights throughout the year. You will find this nightclub on the banks of Lake Annecy and the Impérial beach.