Rumilly is a small town in Haute Savoie located about twenty kilometres south of the city of Annecy. It is the capital of the Albanais area. At about 400 meters, the city is inhabited by about 13,000 « rumilliens » and « rumilliennes » and covers an area of 1689 hectares.

Rumilly is part of the urban district of Annecy and the suburb of Rumilly and is one of the ten largest cities in Haute Savoie. There are three rivers, namely the Fier, the Néphaz and the Cheran, as well as a lake, Perouses.

Rumilly is a small lively town where you can find over 250 shops in the city centre and suburbs with several commercial areas. Very large businesses are in Rumilly and it is a major point of production for Tefal, Vulli, Nestle, etc.

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