To find a job in Annecy

This special is for you and allow you to optimize your searches to find work either for a short or long duration (CDD, CDI, seasonal, temporary …) and all trades (tertiary building industry).
You will find all structures that will help you and their location, opening hours and all that will facilitate your job search : Temporary employment agencies, jobs & classifieds, Mission & local government services…

Temp agencies

If you are looking for temporary work or very quickly, the best is still to consult with temp agencies. Annecy and its surroundings has also a lot of agencies that will help you find a job. Some of these temporary agencies even let you directly online through their site to find the job you want.

Formal structures

“ANPE Pôle Emploi”

Discover the addresses of the different poles of employment agglomeration Annecy. You will find in these clusters use of many announcements and information about employment at Annecy in the Haute Savoie and advisers who will help you in your job search.

  • Pole Annecy : Registration at 127 Avenue Genève.
  • Pole Annecy : Job Search at 105 Avenue Genève.
  • Pole Meythey : Job Search at 1, rue de l’Euro.
  • Pole Seynod : Registration at 20, rue du Valvert.
  • Pole Seynod : Search Jobs at 3, rue Blaise Pascal.

Find all the information you need on the different poles of Annecy on the official website : ANPE

The « Mission Locale » of Annecy

The « Mission locale » catchment Annecy welcomes young people under 25 years living in the vicinity of Annecy and offers of assistance for the training and employment. There are lots of job ads in Annecy in the Haute Savoie.
Open Monday from 1:30pm to 5pm and Tuesday to Friday throughout the day from 8:30am to 5pm.
Address : 23 Avenue de Loverchy
Phone : +33 450 513 922

« Coup de pouce » Employment

« Coup de pouce » Employment is an association that helps people with integration difficulties and looking for a job, finding occasional work with individuals, communities, associations and private companies.

Located rue Louis Armand towards the Novel and Teppes it is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5:30pm and Friday from 8.30am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.
« Coup de pouce » Employment is closed on Wednesdays, but you can always find them on their website : Coup de pouce emploi

Employment Resource Centre sports and entertainment

This association provides information and provided many resources on employment in the field of sport and entertainment. The SEA74 welcomes you every day on their website : SEA 7A

House of information on training and employment

The MIFE helps you and guides you about your business, training and what affects your job search: resume, cover letter, orientation … Welcome by appointment every day from Monday to Friday and on their national website : MIFE

Find Jobs on Internet

Internet is an excellent tool to increase efficiency and scope of your job search. This will allow you to quickly discover each day new listings that are deposited in the various divisions of the city Annecy ANPE, but also consulting jobs newspaper classifieds or those of interims. You will find below the different places we have selected.

General advertisements