La Balme de Sillingy

La Balme de Sillingy is a city of Haute Savoie in the Rhone Alps region located approximately 10km north west of Annecy. Nestled near the mountain of Mandallaz and riverside towns of Sillingy, Pringy, Cuvat and Epagny
The population of La Balme de Sillingy is more than 5000 people called the « Balméenns » and « Balméennes » and the town covers an area of 1651 hectares.

Cultural facilities

Library and multimedia

The library is a place of encounters and exchanges. Animations are often organized : reading aloud, storytelling, exhibitions, etc. You’ll find more than 7000 books.
The Multimedia offers 7 computers with secure Internet connection. This space is open to all ages and levels in the number of places available.

Center for Youngs

The recreation center opened in the area during breaks of Winter, Spring, July and Toussaint for children aged 6 to 12 years. It is also open to children every Wednesday throughout the year.

Monuments and Sights

The Mandallaz

The Mandallaz respectfully dubbed « THE MOUNTAIN ». It culminates at 929 meters, and curiously this point is not located at the top of the mountain, above the village of Epagny, but at Cuvat. Covered with wood, it is a green lung for the surrounding communities and also for the city of Annecy.

The Lake of the Balme

The lake of the Balme de Sillingy lies at the edge of town heading towards Paris. Swimming is prohibited throughout the year. We find, however, many activities : Fishing, games, Boat… The lake is illuminated at night for walks.

Castle Dalmaz

Located north of La Balme de Sillingy, it was built in the fourteenth century and has long served as a fortified house in the reign of the Counts of Geneva and came in defense of La Bathie.

Cave of Lesvaux

With its 700 meters of galleries, the cave Lesvaux is the largest underground of Salève. Exploring the cave in 1979 enabled the updating of 4 skeletons from the Neolithic.

Cave of Curés

This small cave whose entrance is visible from the trail was a home to refractory priests during the revolution of Savoy.

Cave of Maquis

This cave, accessible by a hiking trail, served as a shelter for resistance fighters from 1940 to 1945.

Services & Administration

Town Council

13, Route de Choisy
BP 44
74331 La Balme de Sillingy Cedex
Mail :

Tourist Office

13 route de Choisy
74330 La Balme de Sillingy
Phone : +33 450 687 870

Canteens and municipal centers

Avully schools, Marais and Vincy have a cafeteria and a daycare.

Official Website

Website of the town council