The Roc de Chere

Le Roc de Chere is an advanced mountain sinking on the Lake of Annecy at the village of Talloires and Menthon Saint Bernard on the eastern shore of the lake.

Roc de Chere is one of the largest nature reserve in Haute Savoie. Roc de Chere has an area of 69 hectares and rises to 691 meters high diving in the lake and updating of large cliffs 50 to 70 meters in height.

In 1978, the site of Roc de Chere became a nature reserve in order to protect the vast wealth between steep limestone wetlands, central plateau of sandstone, limestone and depression on sandy or even the acid peaks.

There are no fewer than 560 varieties of plants and flowers from the ice age, the subalpine or even belonging to the sub-Mediterranean flora. Many animals also have an address!

Pictures of the Roc de Chere

This information panel departures of different walks of Roc de Chère. Roc de Chère guiding visitors to the three proposed trails and offers various tips : route du Belvedere that leads to a magnificent view over the lake (shown below) :

Roc de Chère 1

Roc de Chère 2

Roc de Chère 4

Roc de Chère 5

Roc de Chère 6

Roc de Chère 7

Roc de Chère 8

Roc de Chère 9

Roc de Chère 9

View of the lake accessible by way of Belvedere, we call this part of the Lake « le Petit Lac » :

Roc de Chère 3